About Study Free

About Study Free

Welcome to Study Free….

Study Free is an answer to:

  • How do we prepare without coaching center?
  • How can we get materials without money?
  • How can we prepare online and at home?

Here is what you will find on Study Free:

  • Here we are trying to provide Subject wise Notes, Previous Question Papers, Current Affairs and Preparation Guidelines 
  • Basic & advanced materials for all the Government Job and different subjects of Graduation level. 
  • So Study Free is a complete destination for our study
  • Its makes our revision much easier then ever 
  • We need to make notes from different books for our preparation.
  • But its not needed any more ………… just check in our blog ………..
  • If you cant find any topic or subject just contact us ……….. we surely do some research and will prepare the notes.

Our Vision 

  • We believe that knowledge is our basic Right  ……… and anyone cant charge for it or stop us to get knowledge without giving huge money …….
  • Study Free will be free for ever………… because we love to share and we also believe that Knowledge gained when it’s shared
  • By sharing knowledge we can gain confidence, reduce the skills gap and widening the talent pool
  • So ………. Join with us in this movement to make the knowledge free and for all without any barrier 

About me:

  • I am Sutirtha Datta, done B.tech in ECE and PGDM in Marketing. 
  • After working in different companies and industry for 5 years, I started preparing for WBCS & UPSC.
  • Its a small try to share my notes with all
  • Because sharing is caring …….. 
  • Best of Luck all off you ……..