Rivers & River Projects – Geography – WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

Rivers & River Projects Geography WBCS Preliminary Question Paper
River & River Projects questions

WBCS Preliminary Question 2020 to 2011

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2020

26. What is the name of the Lake between Godavari and Krishna delta region?
(Andhra Pradesh)
(A) Kolleru Lake
(B) Pulicat Lake
(C) Chilika Lake
(D) Loktak Lake
48. Somasila Dam is located In which Indian State?
(Penna River, Nellore district)
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Karnataka
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Maharashtra
55. Below given are certain statements about a river:
1. It rises on Ranchi plateau In Jharkhand.
2. It passes through the northern part of Betla National Park.
3. It is a tributary of Son River.
    Identify the river based on the information given above:
(A) North Koel River
(B) Mechi River
(B) Mahananda River
(D) Mahadayi River
63. Bikaner Canal is taken off from the river
(A) Banas
(B) Chambal
(C) Sutlej
(D) Yamuna
(Chenab River, Doha district)
(A) Telangana
(B) Kerala
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Andhra Pradesh
168. Which city is located along Mula-Mutha River from the following ?
(A) Nagpur
(B) Pune
(C) Dehradun
(D) Bengaluru




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2019

42. Kolleru lake is located between
(A) Godavari and Cauvery    
(B) Godavari and Krishna    
(C) Krishna and Cauvery    
(D) Mahanadi and Godavari

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2018

28. Geomorphologists opine that change of the course of the Kosi River resulted in
(19th century)
(a) Ganga river flowing mainly through the Padma in Bangladesh
(b) Teesta river flowing in North Bengal
(c) Kolkata Port declining
(d) Earthquakes in Gangtok and Darjeeling

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2017

128. Polavaram Project is associated with the river
(Andhra Pradesh)
(A) Cauvery
(B) Penner
(C) Krishna
(D) Godavari
70. The Mullaperiyar Dam is a cause of discontent between
(Idukki, Kerala)
(A) Maharashtra and Gujarat
(B) Tamil Nadu and Kerala
(C) Odisha and Andhra Pradesh
(D) Gujarat and Rajasthan

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2016

153.   The Amarkantak Hill is the source of two rivers flowing in two different directions (West and East). They are :
(A) Narmada and Tapti      
(B) Narmada and Mahanadi
(C) Tapti and Betwa       
(D) Tapti and Sone
154.   Which of the following rivers of India, is older than the Himalayas ?
(antecedent drainage)
(A) Sutlej
(B) Ganga       
(C) Beas       
(D) Ravi

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2015

26.  Which one of the following is not a tributary of the Ganga ?
(Chota Nagpur plateau)
(A) Son       
(B) Gomati       
(C) Gandak     
(D) Subarnarekha

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2013

28.  Which river flows through the valley of Kashmir ?
(Wular Lake)
(A) Sutlej      
(B) Ravi      
(C) Chenab     
(D) Jhelum
32.  The source of the Narmada River lies in :
(Madhya Pradesh)
(A) Amarkantak Plateau      
(B) Vindhya Range      
(C) Maikhal Range      
(D) Palani Hills
191.  Loktak Lake is located in the State of –
(Keibul Lamjao)
(A) Jammu & Kashmir      
(B) Himachal Pradesh      
(C) Arunachal Pradesh       
(D) Manipur
166.  River Narmada flows through a –
(rift valley – Vindhya & Satpura)
(A) Synclinal valley       
(B) U- shaped valley        
(C) Fault Trough
(D) Delta
172.  The Indus river rises near
(A) Sheshnag Lake       
(B) Bhimtal Lake      
(C) Lake Nassil       
(D) Mansarovar Lake
175.  The river Ganga flows into the Bay of Bengal through
(A) A triangular delta
(B) An estuary     
(C) Birds foot delta      
(D) Fault line

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2011

109.  River Narmada flows through a
(A) Lagoon      
(B) Gorge      
(C) Fault Trough
(D) Meander
150.   Which of the following hydroelectric power projects has the largest installed capacity (M.W.) for generation of electricity ?
(1954, Satara district)
(A) Sabari Giri (Kerala)
(B) Koyna (Maharastra)
(C) Bhakra-Nangal (Punjab)  
(D) Kundah (Tamil Nadu)

WBCS Preliminary Question 2010 to 2000

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2010

74.  Kapildhara Falls is located on
(Madhya Pradesh‎)
(A) River Sone       
(B) River Chambal        
(C) River Narmada
(D) River Krishna
111.  The Bhakra Nangal Multipurpose Project consists of the Bhakra Dam across
(Gobind Sagar, Himachal Pradesh)
(A) River Jhelum        
(B) River Sutlej
(C) River Beas     
(D) River Indus
151.  The Nagarjunasagar Multipurpose Project consists of a masonry dam across
(Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)
(A) River Krishna
(B) River Cauvery      
(C) River Tungabhadra      
(D) River Sone

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2009

88.  Which of the following International Conventions provides framework for conservation of wetland habitats ? 
(2 Feb 1971)
(A) Earth Sumit      
(B) Ramsar Convention
(C) Belem Declaration     
(D) Botanical Congress
90.  Which of the following hydro-electric power projects has the largest installed capacity (M.W.) for generation of electricity ?
(A) Sabari Giri (Kerala)  
(B) Koyna (Maharastra)
(C) Bhakra-Nangal (Punjab)    
(D) Kundah (Tamil Nadu)
191.  Which of the following river does not drain into the Arabian Sea ?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Narmada      
(C) Tapti 
(D) Sharavati

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2008

150. Sharavati Hydro-electric Project is located in 
(1964, MW – 1,035 MW)
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Karnataka
(C) Orissa
(D) Andhra Pradesh
188. The River Narmada flows through a
(A) Post-glacial valley
(B) V-shaped fluvial valley
(C) Fault trough
(D) Deltaic area

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2007

110. The fertile Bari Doab lies between
(A) The Beas and the Ravi rivers
(B) The Beas and the Sutlej rivers
(C) The Beas and the Chenub rivers
(D) None of the above
191. Hydel power potential is the highest in case of ____
(A) Brahmaputra basin
(B) Ganga basin
(C) East flowing rivers of South India
(D) West flowing rivers of South India

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2006

53. In which river the Nagarjunsagar Project is located?
(a) Mahi river in Wanakburi
(b) Tapti river in Gujarat
(c) Krishna river in Karnataka
(d) Krishna river in Andhar Pradesh
152. Majule island is situated in
(a) Brahmaputra, river in Assam
(b) Ganga river in Bihar
(c) Kaberi river in Karnataka
(d) Mahananda in West Bengal
153. Varanasi is located in
(a) Lower Ganga plain
(b) Middle Ganga plain
(c) Upper Ganga plain
(d) Ganga-Sutlej interfluence

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2005

149. The Pong dam has been constructed on
(Maharana Pratap Sagar)
(a) The Beas
(b) The Narmada
(c) The Sone
(d) The Ravi
155. Chirakut, Chachai and Ken ton waterfalls are located in
(Chitrakoot is in Chhattisgarh)
(a) M.P.
(b) A.P.
(c) U.P.
(d) W.B.
156. Gautami and Bashista are the principal distributaries of
(a) Godabari river
(b) Cauveri river
(c) Krishna river –
(d) Mahanadi river
154. Karewas are terraces of glacial origin found in
(a) Jhelum valley
(b) Teesta valley
(c) Chenuh valley
(d) Ravi valley
164. Indus, Tsangpo, Arun and Sutlej are typical examples of
(a) Antecedent drainage
(b) Consequent drainage
(c) Subsequent drainage
(d) Superimposed drainage
192. On which river-bank Kota is located?
(A) Sone
(B) Yamuna
(C) Chambal
(D) Luni

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2003

60. The river Narmada rises in the Amarkantak Plateau of
(A) Mahadeo Hills (Tapi river)
(B) Mahakal Hills
(C) Nilgiri
(D) Palni Hill
89. Godavari, the largest river of peninsular India has a total length of
(A) 1465 km
(B) 1300 km
(C) 1290 km
(D) 1000 km
118. Which one of the following is the west flowing river?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Narmada
(C) Godavari
(D) Krishna
137. The dispute relating to the sharing of the water of Kaveri river concerns
(A) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
(B) Karnataka and Kerala
(C) Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
(D) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
161. The world’s highest gravity dam is
(Sultej river)
(A) Hirakud
(B) Bhakra(now highest in India)
(C) Mettur
(D) Maithon
188. Which one of the following is an inland river?
(A) Pennar
(B) Luni
(C) Narmada
(D) Jamuna

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2002

21. Which of the following is the source of the Luni River?
(A) Annasager
(B) Puskar lake
(C) Gurusikar Paek
(D) Sambar Lake
87. Which one of the following is the largest irrigation project of India?
(A) Damodar Valley
(B) Bhakra-Nangal Project
(C) Nagarjunsagar Project
(D)Rihand Project.
107. On which river is Ujjain located?
(A) Ksipra
(B) Tapi
(C) Narmada
(D) Sone
179. What type of river is the Indus?
(A) Consequent
(B) Subseqent
(C) Antecedent
(D) Obsequent
180. Which one of the following is an estuarine delta?
(A) Rhine delta
(B) Mississippi delta
(C) Ganga delta
(D) Volga delta

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2001

171. Where do the Bhagirathi and the Alakananda meet at?
(A) Karnaprayag
(B) Rudraprayag
(C) Haridwar
(D) Devaprayag

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2000

164. Brahmaputra : Guwahati : Sabarmati : ?
River & River Projects questions

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