WBCS Prelims – 2018
62. Life span of red blood cells is ________days.
70. Muscle fatigue is due to accumulation of
(a)Carbon Dioxide
(c)Lactic acid
(d)Ethyl alcohol
84. The number of milk teeth in man is
94. Amiunts of O2 normally carried by 100 ml of pure human blood, is
(a)40 ml
(b)10 ml
(c)20 ml
(d)30 ml
99. Which one of the following organs is the main respiratory organ of whale?
149) Deficiency of Vitamin-D results in
(a) night blindness
(b) rickets
(c) scurvy
(d) hairfall
WBCS Prelims – 2017
26.  Nekton are   
(A) floating organisms in water
(B) swimming organisms in water
(C) animals associated with aquatic plants
(D) sub-merged plants in water
28. Barr body is absent in somatic cell of
(A) Klinefelter syndrome individual
(B) Tripple X syndrome individual 
(C) Turner syndrome individual 
(D) Sub-human mammalian female individual
29. A mamal that lays eggs   
30.  Which one of the following animal phylum is latest by discovery?   
34    An example of modified underground stem is   
35.  Crossing over occurs during meiosis at   
Anaphase -I   
36.  “Particulate theory of inheritance” was proposed by   
Charles Darwin   
Gregor Johann Mendel
Herman Muller   
T. H. Morgan   
37.  What is a bacterio-phage   
A virus
A bacterium growing in artificial nutrient medium   
A fungus causing disease   
A phagocytic protozoa   
38    The nature of stele in primitive vascular plants was   
39. Which of the following processes makes direct use of oxygen?   
Citric Acid Cycle   
Electron transport
40    The well-known antibiotic penicillin is obtained from this plant group:   
WBCS Prelims – 2016
122.  A pure red flower bearing plant is crossed with a pure white flower and the F1 plant bears pink flowers. This is an example of :
(A) Pseudo dominance      
(B) Dominance       
(C) Epistasis     
(D) Co-dominance
125.   A short day plant has a critical day length of 14 hours. It will flower when the day length is :
(A) 15 hours        
(B) 18 hours        
(C) 12 hours       
(D) 16 hours
129.   An endobiotic fungus is :
(A) Agaricus       
(B) Morchella         
(C) Synchytrium        
(D) Polyporus
132.  Gynobasic style is present in which family ?
(A) Mawaceae        
(B) Solanaceae         
(C) Labiatae        
(D) Orchidaceae
135.  ‘Globule’ and ‘Nucule’ is found in :
(A) Oedogonium      
(B) Rhizopus       
(C) Calamites        
(D) Chara
139. Spindle fibres are made up of :
(A) Flagellin        
(B) Tubulin       
(C) Cellulose        
(D) Chitin
143. A carcinoma is a cancer originating from :
(A) Epithelial tissue      
(B) Connective tissue      
(C) Muscular tissue      
(D) Nerve tissue
147. A muscle that is consciously controlled :
(A) Striated voluntary       
(B) Striated involuntary
(C) Non-striated voluntary      
(D) Non-striated involuntary
177.   Grub is the larva of ;
(A) Insects       
(B) Crustacea        
(C) Beetle      
(D) Sponges
180.   According to the competitive exclusion principle, two species cannot continue to occupy the same :
(A) Biome       
(B) Habitat        
(C) Territory       
(D) Niche
186.  Target tissue of insulin is :
(A) Red Blood Cell       
(B) Kidney tissues       
(C) Small intestinal tissues        
(D) None of the above
WBCS Prelims – 2015
122.  Transfer of pollen from another to the stigma of the same flower is referred to as :
(A) Allogamy      
(B) Geitenogamy      
(C) Xenogamy       
(D) Autogamy
125.  The Pyrimidine bases in a DNA are :
(A) Adenine and Guanine      
(B) Thymine and Adenine
(C) Cytosine and Guanine      
(D) Thymine and Cytosine
129.  Which one of the following is the natural auxin ?
(A) NAA         (B) IAA       
(C) 2, 4-D      (D) IBA
132.   During cell division, DNA synthesis takes place in
(A) Interphase      
(B) Anaphase       
(C) Prophase     
(D) Telophase.
135.  In monohybrid cross of Mendel, when a pure tall plant was crossed with a dwarf plant, all the F1 progeny were tall, because of:
(A) Co-dominance       
(B) Dominance      
(C) Incomplete dominance      
(D) Epistasis
143.  Cerebral Malaria is caused by
(A) Plasmodium vivax     
(B) Plasmodium malariae      
(C) Plasmodium falciparum     
(D) None of the above
147.   “Natural Selection” is the theory from
(A) G. J. Mendel       
(B) Charles Darwin      
(C) T. H. Morgan      
(D) None of the above
161.  Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas are examples of
(A) Fossil Fuels       
(B) Cryogenic Fuels      
(C) Indigenous Fuels      
(D) Radioactive Fuels
177.  ‘Tasar’ silk fibre is produced by
(A) Antheraea mylitta       
(B) Bombyx mori      
(C) Philosomia ricini      
(D) Antheraea assamensis
180.  One turn of DNA helix measures
(A) 34A°       (B) 3.4A°      
(C) 24A°       (D) 44A°
183.  Phenotypic ratio of Mendelian Dihybrid cross is
(A) 9 : 3 : 3 : 1      
(B) 1 : 1 : 1 : 1      
(C) 3 : 4 : 3 : 1     
(D) 1 : 2 : 1 : 1
186.  Cranial nerve in mammals are
(A) 10 pairs       (B) 10       
(C) 12 pairs       (D) 12
WBCS Prelims – 2014
35.  The stage of mitosis in which chromosomes become V,  J, L or I shaped ?
(A) Prophase      
(B) Metaphase       
(C) Anaphase      
(D) Telophase
38.  The digested food is absorbed in
(A) Stomach       
(B) Intestine (small)      
(C) Intestine (large)      
(D) Colon
42.  Rhizome is a modified stern because
(A) it grows vertically upward in the soil and it has fleshy leaves.
(B) it has nodes and it has eyes which bears germinating buds.
(C) its stem is highly condensed and disc like.
(D) it has nodes, internodes and has brown, scaly leaves.
47.  The longest cell in animals is
(A) Nerve cell      
(B) Hepatocyte (Liver cell)       
(C) Blood cell      
(D) Muscle cell
55.  The identifying features of carrot roots are
(A) Conical with small roots.       
(B) Conical without small roots.
(C) Round with small roots.        
(D) Irregular with no small roots.
179.  Which one of the following is a protein deficiency disease ?
(A) Pellagra      
(B) Ricket       
(C) Kwashiorkor      
(D) Retinoblastoma
183.  Which disease is caused by fungus ?
(A) Polio      
(B) Malaria        
(C) Dermatitis   
(D) Cholera
188.  Clove is obtained from
(A) Root      
(B) Stem       
(C) Leaf       
(D) Flower bud
192.  Which one of the following is not a true fruit ?
(A) Date       
(B) Plum        
(C) Apple       
(D) Grape
195.  AIDS is caused by
(A) Bacteria       
(B) Virus      
(C) Protozoa      
(D) Helminth
200.  Monocotyledonous plants show which of the following feature ?
(A) Leaf shows reticulate venation       
(B) Tap root system
(C) Flowers are trimerous       
(D) Perennial growth
WBCS Prelims – 2013
80.  In angiosperm, triple fusion is required for the formation of —
(A) Embryo       
(B) Endosperm      
(C) Suspensor      
(D) Pericarp
97. Oil is obtained from the endosperm of —
(A) Groundnut       
(B) Coconut       
(C) Mustard      
(D) Sesame
100.  The number of cervical vertebrae in mammal is —
(A) Seven      
(B) Seventeen      
(C) Seventy seven      
(D) Eleven
104.  Limbless Amphibia belongs to the order —
(A) Urodela       
(B) Anura       
(C) Gymnophiona      
(D) None of the above
109.  Birds differ from bat in the absence of —
(A) Warm blood      
(B) Four chambered heart     
(C) Trachea       
(D) Diaphragm
115.  Portion of the carapace which covers the gill of prawn is known as —
(A) Bronchus      
(B) Branchiostegal membrane       
(C) Branchiostegite      
(D) Branchiostegal spine
119.  Which one of the following is a rich source of amylase ?
(A) Brain       
(B) Blood      
(C) Thyroid       
(D) Pancreas
WBCS Prelims – 2012
31.  Adult Filaria worms live in human
(A) Blood       
(B) Lymphatics      
(C) Liver       
(D) Intestine
35. The disease caused due to lack of ADH   [Antidiuretic Hormone]
(A) Diabetes insipidus       
(B) Diabetes mellitus     
(C) Grave’s disease      
(D) Cushing’s disease
38.  The animal group that is not found in marine water
(A) Mammals      
(B) Amphibia      
(C) Reptiles        
(D) Aves
42.  Normal human blood is
(A) Acidic         
(B) Alkaline       
(C) Neutral      
(D) Variable
47.  The non-poisonous snake is :
(A) Viper      
(B) Krait        
(C) Python       
(D) Coral Snake
55.  Which one of the following is a viral disease ?
(A) Trypanosomiasis     
(B) Giardiasis      
(C) Encephalitis      
(D) Oriental sore
179.  Xylem tissue is mainly concerned with the –
(A) Photosynthesis of plants         
(B) Transport of water and mineral nutrients in plants
(C) Storage of prepared food in plants       
(D) Transport of enzymes in plants
183.  The ‘Theory of Natural Selection’ was proposed by-
(A) J. B. S Haldane      
(B) G. J. Mendel       
(C) A. I. Oparin       
(D) C. R Darwin
192.   The enzyme ‘DNA gyrase’ is associated with the function of –
(A) Protein syntheses     
(B) DNA replication      
(C) Lipid biosynthesis     
(D) DNA damage
195.  The plant body is not ‘differentiated into root, stem and leaves’ in
(A) Pteridophytes       
(B) Angiosperms       
(C) Gymnosperms       
(D) Algae
200.   The total mass of all the organisms of a given type and/or in a given area is called
(A) Biome       
(B) Biomass      
(C) Biomarer     
(D) Biosensor
WBCS Prelims – 2011
82.  Which one of the following is an endemic plant ?
(A) Quercus Incana      
(B) Eleusine Coracana      
(C) Phoenix Paludosa      
(D) Kydia Calycina
92.  Name one rootless plant.
(A) Ceratophyllum        
(B) Eichhornia      
(C) Monochoria      
(D) Pistia
94.  Watson and Crick are famous for their discovery of
(A) Life history of Plasmodium Vivax    
(B) Vaccinia       
(C) Structure of DNA      
(D) Antibodies
100.  Nerve cells originate from the embryonic
(A) Ectoderm       
(B) Endoderm        
(C) Mesoderm      
(D) Both endo and mesoderm
101.  The number of amino acids occurring in nature is
(A) 10       (B) 20   (actually 22)   
(C) 30       (D) 40
102.  Which of the following is an unlatching group  ?
(A) Cray fish, cuttle fish and hag fish      
(B) Star fish, sea urchin and sea cucumber
(C) Cockroach, crab and spider      
(D) Whale, lizard and frog
118.  The smallest size of a cell which can be seen with unaided eye is
(A) 1 micron      
(B) 10 microns        
(C) 100 microns       
(D) 1000 microns
121.  The gastric glands in the stomach produce an enzyme
(A) Insulin      
(B) Ptyalin        
(C) Pepsin      
(D) Trypsin
123.  Which of the following is a terrestrial algae  ?
(A) Chlorella       
(B) Trentepohlia       
(C) Spirullina       
(D) Sargassum
170.  Kranz anatomy states that, plant has
(A) C3 cycle        
(B) C4 cycle      
(C) C2 cycle      
(D) Both C3 and C4 cycle
190.  Essential constituent of plant cell is the carbohydrate,
(A) Cellulose     
(B) Sucrose       
(C) Starch     
(D) Lignin
WBCS Prelims – 2010
29.  The gene for Haemophilia is
(A)  X-linked recessive      
(B)  X-linked dominant      
(C) Y-linked       
(D) Located in autosome
30.  The narrow portion between uterus and vagina of higher mammals is known as
(A) Clitoris      
(B) Urethra       
(C) Oviduct       
(D) Cervix
31.  The toxic chemical element that caused Minamata disease in Japan was
(A) Uranium         
(B) Mercury       
(C) Cadmium       
(D) Arsenic
32.  The vegetative body of a dryophyte/moss represents the structure of
(A) Sporophyte   
(B) Gametophyte   
(C) Sporophyte or gametophyte   
(D) Sporophyte and gametophyte
36.  Enzymes speed up biochemical reactions by
(A) Increasing the activation energy of the reaction
(B) Lowering the temperature of the reaction
(C) Increasing the temperature of the reaction
(D) Lowering the activation energy of the reaction
37.  Cardiac muscles do not undergo fatigue, because
(A) Interconnection of cells by intercalated disc       
(B) Having numerous mitochondria
(C) Having more actins       
(D) Having more myosin
39.  In photosynthesis, ‘Light reaction’ takes place in
(A) Cytosol       
(B) Grana of Chloroplast      
(C) Stroma of chloroplast       
(D) Ribosome
41.  Haversian system is a part of
(A) Kidney       
(B) Bone       
(C) Heart      
(D) Brain
45.  Polytene chromosome is found in the cells of
(A) Salivary gland of larvae of flies      
(B) Liver of man      
(C) Neuron of insects    
(D) None of the above
46.  Presence of sunken stomata in leaves indicates the character of
(A) Hydrophytes       
(B) Xerophytes      
(C) Halophytes      
(D) Mesophytes
51.  Which Carbohydrate is used commercially in the silvering of mirrors ?
(A) Sucrose      
(B) Fructose       
(C) Cellulose      
(D) Glucose
53.  Which metal ion is responsible for electron transportation in photosynthesis ?
(A) Sodium        
(B) Potassium         
(C) Cobalt       
(D) Iron
57.  The technique of ‘DNA sequencing’ was discovered by
(A) H. G. Khorana       
(B) Watson and Crick      
(C) Frederick Sanger     
(D) E. M. Southern
59.  A Cladogram depicts the hypothesis of
(A) Evolutionary relationship      
(B) Phenatic relationship
(C)  Genetic relationship          
(D)  Taxonomic relationship
124.  AIDS/HIV virus is a type of
(A) DNA virus        
(B) RNA virus      
(C) Either DNA or RNA virus     
(D) Both DNA and RNA virus
WBCS Prelims – 2009
54.  Normal saline is an aquous solution of sodium chloride of strength
(A) 0.84 % (0.9%)         
(B) 1.00 normal       
(C) 1.00 molar    
(D) 1 %
58.  How much per cent of human body is water by weight ?  (actually 60%)
(A) 66       (B) 50      
(C) 33       (D) 10
62.  Iodine is administered to patients suffering from
(A) Goitre       
(B) Night blindness      
(C) Ricket      
(D) Rheumatism
72.  Vitamin C is
(A) Tocopherol    
(B) Cyanocobaltammine       
(C) Ascorbic acid     
(D) Thiamine
75.  Greenhouse effect is caused by addition of too much of this compound in atmosphere.
(A) Carbon di-oxide     
(B) Ammonia     
(C) Water vapour    
(D) Dust particles
80.  Edible portion of coconut is the
(A) Fruit wall      
(B) Endosperm     
(C) Cotyledon      
(D) Embryo
84.  From which part of Cinchona plant quinine is obtained ?
(A) Seed         (B) Leaf       
(C) Flower      (D) Bark
97.   During Vietnam War 2, 4, 5-trichlorophenoxy—acetic acid (2, 4, 5-T), the so-called Agent Orange was sprayed on forests to
(A) Destroy Crops 
(B) Pollute Air 
(C) Remove leaves and reveal enemy hiding places 
(D) Start forest fire
100.  Malaria Parasite can best be obtained from blood of its patient:
(A) One hour before rise of temperature      
(B) Five hours after temperature
(C) When temperature rise with rigor         
(D) Any time
104.  Which of the following vitamins forms the prosthetic group of acyl-COA dehydrogenage ?
(A) Nicotinic acid      
(B) Pyridoxine       
(C) Pantothenic acid       
(D) Riboflavin
109.  Name the execratory organ of prawn
(A) Salivary gland       
(B) Green gland      
(C) Ink gland     
(D) Malpighian tubule
112.  Ruminant Stomach is possessed by
(A) Cow      
(B) Dog       
(C) Pigeon      
(D) Cameleon
119.  From Antheraea assamensis the type of silk obtained is
(A) Tasar      
(B) Munga      
(C) Eri     
(D) Mulberry silk