Timeline of Modern Indian History

Contents 1707 to 17491750 to 17991800 to 18491850 to 18991900 to Independence timeline of modern indian history british rule in india pdf chronology 1707 to 1749 1707 Battle of Jajau, accession of Bahadur Shah I 1708 Death of Guru Gobind Singh 1712 Death of Bahadur...

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National Income Accounting

Contents National IncomeUses of National Income AccountingCSO – Central Statistics OfficeGross Domestic Product – GDPNominal GDP or GDP at Current Prices Real GDP or GDP at Constant Prices GDP Deflator Nominal GDP vs. Real GDPGDP at Factor Cost Net...

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Fundamental Rights

Contents Features of Fundamental Rights Definition of State FR available only to citizens and not to foreignersRight to EqualityRule of Law Exceptions to Equality Prohibition of Discrimination on Certain GroundsEquality of Opportunity in Public EmploymentMandal...

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