Current Affairs – WB Police SI Previous Year Question Paper

Current Affairs – WB Police SI Previous Year Question Paper

Current Affairs - WB Police SI Previous Year Question Paper

WB Police SI Question Paper – 2021

23. Who has won the India’s Science Award, Bhatnagar Puroshkar for Chemistry in 2020?

(A) Prof. Surjendu Dutta

(B) Prof. Surajit Dhara

(C) Prof. Rajat Shubhra Hazra

(D) Prof. Jyotirmoyee Das


43. Indian Oil Corporation’s first ‘Green Hydrogen’ Plant will be built at

(A) Paradip Refinery

(B) Mathura Refinery

(C) Jamnagar Refinery

(D) Haldia Refinery


69. The ‘Pegasus’ spyware, allegedly used for surveillance of phones recently, was developed by


(B) Israel

(C) France

(D) Canada


74. INDRA 2021 was scheduled to be held at

(A) Japan

(B) Russia

(C) Singapore

(D) India


83. Which Indian actor was recently honoured with the Crystal Award of the World Economic Forum?

(A) Kareena Kapoor

(B) Priyanka Chopra

(C) Anushka Sharma

(D) Deepika Padukone


96. Recently in which state of India, 300 years old Sati Stone was unearthed?

(A) Haryana

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Tamil Nadu

(D) Gujarat


99. Which state has recently declared and celebrated a particular day as ‘Desh Nayak Divas’?

(A) Jharkhand

(B) Bihar

(C) Odisha

(D) West Bengal



WB Police SI Question Paper – 2019

14. Which country has won the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia?

(A) Croatia

(B) Germany

(C) Brazil

(D) France


71. Gita Gopinath is the first woman chief economist to be appointed to which international organization?

(A) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

(B) World Bank

(C) Asian Development Bank

(D) International Monetary Fund




WB Police SI Question Paper – 2018

19. Which of the following countries participated in ‘Varuna 2018’, a joint Naval Exercise on the Arabian Sea?

(A) India and Bangladesh

(B) India and Sri Lanka

(C) India and France

(D) India and Israel


24. Who among the following personalities has won the ‘Global Women’s Leadership Award, 2018’?

(A) Nirmala Sitharaman

(B) H. E. Joyce Banda

(C) Sushma Swaraj

(D) Sheikh Hasina


42. Who of the following is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?

(A) Omprakash Rawat

(B) Ashok Lavasa

(C) A. K. Joti

(D) Nasim Zaidi


47. Pulitzer Prize, 2018 was awarded to :-

(A) The New York Times

(B) The Washington Post

(C) The Guardian

(D) The Wall Street Journal


65. Who has been chosen as the ‘best actor’ in the 65th National Film Awards 2018?

(A) Riddhi Sen

(B) Fahad Fazil

(C) Shibaprasad Mukherjee

(D) Amitabh Bachchan

71. Which of the following Indian States will be the second State to have a State Flag after Jammu & Kashmir, if approved by the Centre?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Karnataka

(C) West Bengal

(D) Bihar


73. What is ‘Bhabha Kabach’?

(A) Name of Talisman

(B) Name of Jacket

(C) Name of Bullet

(D) Name of Weaponry


79. Which of the following becomes India’s first $100 billion IT company?



(C) Infosys

(D) Cognizant


93. The ‘Bandhan Express‘, a passenger train runs between :-

(A) Sealdah to New Jalpaiguri

(B) Kolkata to Raiganj

(C) Kolkata to Khulna

(D) Howrah to New Delhi


97. The book, “A Century is not enough” is written by :-

(A) Rahul Dravid

(B) Sourav Ganguly

(C) Sachin Tendulkar

(D) V. V. S. Laxman


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