Fill in the Blanks – English – WBCS Preliminary Question

Fill in the Blanks English WBCS Preliminary Question Paper
Fill in the Blanks

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2023

6. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.

I am indebted to my friend’s wise _____.

(advice, guidance)

(A) council

(B) councel

(C) counsil

(D) counsel


14. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate group of words.

He has ____ meticulous in ____ the project, ____ rise to ____ irregularities.

(A) not being; overseen; given; much

(B) not; oversaw; give; more

(C) not been; overseeing; giving; many

(D) not be; oversee; gave; much


20. Fill in the blank with the correct word:

One should _____ one’s studies with utmost seriousness.

(A) persue

(B) parsue

(C) pirsue

(D) pursue




WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2022

  1. Use a correct gerund in the blank space:

    I like ________ pictures.

(A) painting

(B) painted

(C) to paint

(D) paint


  1. Fill in the blank with the correct word.

      Ram and his brothers were four in ______.

(A) quantity

(B) number

(C) numbers

(D) totality




WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2021

1. Choose the right option :

   While I _____ in the library, someone threw a ball through the window.

(A) was sitting     

(B) was seated      

(C) had been sitting      

(D) am sitting


11. Select the correct answer to fill in the blank.

      The ship, with its crew, _____ lost.

(A) were    

(B) was      

(C) were getting    

(D) was being


12. Fill in the blank with the suitable article.

‘La Gioconda’ (Mona Lisa) is _____ unique work of art.

(A) the      

(B) an      

(C) a     

(D) this


16. Fill in the blank with the suitable option:

      She ______ from the bus and walked to the back-gate.

(get off, step off, get down)

(A) boarded      

(B) stepped      

(C) moved      

(D) alighted




WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2020

4. It is nine o’clock in Darjeeling In the morning and ________.
(A) there is snow
(B) it is snowing
(C) it snows
(D) it snowed
6. Use the correct expression
I _____ the patient will die.
(A) hope
(B) think
(C) see
(D) am afraid
7. We _____ our dinner last night.
Fill in the blank with the right verb form.
(A) have taken
(B) took
(C) had taken
(D) take
11. Select the correct option:
I was sure I ______ meet him.
(A) would
(B) will
(C) shall
(D) should
16. Babies ______ when they are hungry.
(A) cries
(B) cried
(C) are crying
(D) cry
24. He will reach home ______ at evening.
(A) lately
(B) late
(C) later
(D) latest
25. He solved the ______ problem
(A) hardly
(B) hard
(C) hardlier
(D) hardliest
3. Select the correct option
I need a _______ note.
(A) five hundred rupees
(B) five-hundred rupee
(C) five hundreds rupees
(D)five hundreds rupee
18. Tick the correct option:
______are still tortured In remote villages.
(A) Daughter-in-laws
(B) Daughters-in-laws
(C) Daughters-in-law
(D) Daughter-in-law



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2019

6.  Select the right answer:
My watch is five minutes _______.
(A) slow     
(B) lately      
(C) past     
(D) late
7.  Fill in with suitable conjunction: 
He advanced ______ he could.
(A) until      
(B) while      
(C) as far as  
(D) as
8.  I am sure I ______ him before.
(A) have met    (Present Perfect Tense)
(B) met      
(C) had met    (Past Perfect Tense)
(D) will meet
9.  I _______ him for a long time.
(A) have known      
(B) knew      
(C) had known       
(D) should have known
20. Fill in with the appropriate word :
The jury ______ divided in their opinion.
(A) were       
(B) was       
(C) have been       
(D) have
21. Fill in the blank with the suitable option :
Let’s meet _____ next week.
(A) sometimes       
(B) sometime       
(C) some time      
(D) some times
22. Choose the right option to rewrite the sentence :
No sooner ______ the sun risen than the fog disappeared.
(A) did       
(B) has       
(C) had       
(D) was
24. He entered the hall in the _____ part of the show.
Which is the right answer ?
(A) Latter      
(B) Later      
(C) Late      
(D) Lately



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2018

1) Fill in the blank with the correct word :
________ his humiliation, he attended the function.
(a) In spite
(b) Not withstanding
(c) Nevertheless
(d) As of
3) Use a suitable Auxiliary Verb to fill in the blank space:
In all probability it ______ rain tonight
(a) will
(b) can
(c) may
(d) ought
4) Fill in the blank with the correct word :
She had better ______ the room
(a) entered
(b) requested
(c) moved
(d) called
6) Fill in the blank with the appropriate word :
She liked the ______ plan better
(a) latter(last-mentioned)
(b) later
(c) fast
(d) early
7) Fill in the blank with the correct word:
A ______ bow was seen in the sky.
(a) multicolored
(b) shooting
(c) staring
(d) melodious
10. Insert a correct Participle in the blank space:
_____ about dinner, John ran the whole way home.
(a) Having finished
(b) Excited
(c) Had been excited
(d) Hungry
12) Insert the correct Adverbial Phrase in the blank space:
Only ______ is there a rumble in the sky
(a) occasionally
(b) swiftly
(c) quite
(d) merrily
18) Fill in the blank with the appropriate infinitive:
______ is human
(a) To laugh
(b) To err(make a mistake, be wrong)
(c) To read
(d) To save


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2017

1. Fill in the blank with the correct word:
_________ he was late, he come home by nine.
(a) Even
(b) Although
(c) Because
(d) Despite
2. Fill in the blank with the correct word:
The river was ________ the bank.
(a) overflowing
(b) dry
(c) full
(d) deep
3. Fill in the b lank with the correct word:
A ________ jewel was in the locker.
(a) browning
(b) filling
(c) shining
(d) moving
4. Put in a correct participle in the blank space:
The car was ____ down the slope.
(a) rolling
(b) breaking
(c) lost
(d) having arrived
5. Insert correct word in the blank space:
Finish your task in a _____ manner.
(a) swift
(b) competent
(c) silent
(d) lazy
6. Use suitable auxiliary verb to fill in the blank space:
You _____ catch the train at once.
(a) will
(b) can
(c) shall
(d) must
7. It is easy _____ but hard to finish.
(a) to end
(b) to fall
(c) to lose
(d) to begin
8.Here is the man ____ you asked _____.
(a) whom, about
(b) that, for
(c) for, from
(d) this, for
9. The man _____ briefcase was lost, reported to the police.
(a) that
(b) whose
(c) which
(d) whom


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2016

1. Put in a correct participle in the blank space.
The sea _______, we went for sail.
(a) being rough
(b) disturbed
(c) being kind
(d) being smooth
2. He talked to his horse ______ the horse could understand his grief.
(a) as though
(b) with a feeling that
(c) feeling that
(d) assuming
3. This is the ______ Post Office to my house.
(a) farthest
(b) next
(c) nearest
(d) closest
4. I can’t walk any _________.
(a) farther
(b) further      (more distant)
(c) distance
(d) far
5. She ______ sit for hours listening to the wireless. 
(Modal Auxiliary Verbs)
(a) will
(b) would       (Past habit)
(c) can
(d) could
6. Fill in the blank with an infinitive:
______ is worth ambition.
(a) To borrow
(b) To reign      (be king/queen)
(c) To repent
(d) To cry
7. He is here, ______ is fortunate.
(a) who
(b) whose
(c) which
(d) that
8. The _____ door awakened the dog.
(a) creaking
(b) old
(c) new
(d) waving
9. Weather _______, there will be a garden party at Government House tomorrow.
(a) allowing
(b) permitting
(c) happening
(d) favorable


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2015

1. Mary _____, we were freed from anxiety.
(a) Havingarrived
(b) Rolling
(c) Tattered
(d) Being arrived
2. Do this in a short time, in a ______ manner.
(a) Former
(b) Swift
(c) Brave
(d) Unwise
3. ______ his illness, he attended the function.
(a) In spite
(b) Due
(c) As of
(d) Despite
4. The stream was ______ by the waterfall.
(a) Fed
(b) Fed up
(c) Filled
(d) Filled
5. A _____ star was seen in the sky.
(a) Strengthening
(b) Shooting
(c) Shunting to
(d) Staring
6. Mother says, “You ______ to go to the market at once”.
(a) Have
(b) Are
(c) shall
(d) Will
7. ________ fault is easy
(a) to begin
(b) to bury
(c) to read
(d) to find
8. You had better _____ permission.
(a) Want
(b) Ask
(c) Call
(d) Order
9. Who ______ saw her did not pity her?
(a) What
(b) Which
(c) That
(d) Such
10. The sun, _____ rays give life to the earth, was regarded by the ancients as a god.
(a) That
(b) Whose
(c) Which
(d) whom



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2014

1. The last _____ will be performed by members of the family only.
(a) Wright
(b) Right
(c) Rite        (ceremony, ritual)
(d) Write
2.He would always _______ the police.
(a) elude      (escape, avoid)
(b) illude
(c) allude
(d) delude
3. You should _______ her case as a precedent.
(a) site
(b) cite      (quote, refer to)
(c) sight
(d) side

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2013

1. The banquet-hall is ______ decorated to celebrate the occasion.
(a) Slovenly
(b) Simply
(c) Lavishly
(d) Poorly
60. He came of his own _____
(a) Impulse
(b) Instinct
(c) Accord(correspond, agree, pact, treaty)
(d) Indifference
62. The street is not properly ______
(a) Illumed
(b) Illumined
(c) Illuminated      (light, light up)
(d) Enlightened
63. The ____ structure of Tajmahal makes it one of the wonders of the world.
(a) Magnanimous
(b) Mediocre
(c) Mighty
(d) Majestic
64. He was penniless when the bank failed and declared himself _____
(a) Insipid
(b) Insolent
(c) Innocent
(d) Insolvent
65. The child proved himself _____ by his behavior and was expelled from the school.
(a) Ill-bred      (bad-mannered, rude)
(b) Ill-advised
(c) Ill-treated
(d) Illogical

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2012

56. A clever man sweeps his family scandals under the _______
(a) Ground
(b) Floor
(c) Carpet
(d) Grave-stone


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2011

49. He came of his own ______.
(a) Violation
(b) Volition       (voluntarily)
(c) Volubility
(d) View
50. The fruit was juicy and ______
(a) Succulent     (pulpy, soft)
(b) Succinct
(c) Sufficient
(d) Subtle
51. The _____ structure dwarfed alI the surrounding buildings.
(a) Impossible
(b) Imposing     (impressive, eye-catching)
(c) Implacable
(d) Important
52. Her _____ ways captivated many young men.
(a) Wintry
(b) Weird
(c) Wearisome
(d) Winsome      (appealing, charming)
53. The thieves _____ through the cupboards searching for valuable articles.
(a) Ran
(b) Ruptured
(c) Rummaged      (search)
(d) Rustled
54. The _____ of the farmland was enough to sustain the small family.
(a) Yoke
(b) Yeast
(c) Yard
(d) Yield
55. The ______ fumes of vehicles pollute the air.
(a) Noxious      (poisonous, toxic)
(b) Nutritious
(c) Nourishing
(d) Notorious
44. He is so _____, nothing move him.
(a) Non-committal
(b) Nonchalant      (calm, cool)
(c) Nondescript
(d) Noncombatant
45, The dish was ______ with herbs.
(a) Garnished
(b) Garlanded
(c) Gathered
(d) Gardened


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2010

1. It is usual nowadays to blow one’s own ______ to impress others.
(a) Horn
(b) Trumpet
(c) Drum
(d) Band
2. A lame duck organization is one which needs ____
(a) Authority
(b) Staff
(b) Power
(d) Support
3. The man who follows his nose actually follows his _____
(a) Passion
(b) Rationality
(c) Instinct       (natural tendency)
(d) Memory
6. The _____ of the place attracts many ascetics.
(a) Quietness
(b) Silence
(c) Quietude
(d) Soundlessness
7. The street is not properly ______
(a) Illumed
(b) Illumined
(c) Illuminated
(d) Enlightened

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2009

39. I had _____something wrong as soon as I reached the spot.
(a) Understood
(b) Realized
(c) Guessed
(d) Smelt
40. Tagore’s birthday was _____ with songs and recitation.
(a) Completed
(b) Maintained
(c) Celebrated
(d) Enjoyed
41. The mother ____ the child.
(a) Deserted     (abandon, leave)
(b) Hated
(c) Ran away
(d) Abandoned


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2008

36. The young politician’s speech was full of blood and _____
(a) Sweat
(b) Blade
(c) Dagger
(d) Thunder     (speak loudly)
37. He held out an olive branch to his ____
(a) Enemy
(b) Friend
(c) Pet
(d) Forefathers
38. A barber shaves; a gardener ______
(a) Binds
(b) Reaps
(c) Gleans
(d) Prunes      (cut back, trim, cut-off)

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2007

32. After one week’s continuous fever, the relatives of the patient became _____ about the mode of treatment.
(a) Suspicious
(b) Doubtful
(c) Apprehensive       (worried, concerned)
(d) Inquisitive
33. We all _____ an unknown danger before us.
(a) Foresaw
(b) Predicted
(c) Anticipated
(d) Apprehended     (understand, realize)
34. This method is not wrong; but there may be a more _____ method than this.
(a) Suitable
(b) Effective
(c) Effectual
(d) Working
35. The Republic Day was _____ with due solemnity.
(a) Observed
(b) Enjoyed
(c) Celebrated
(d) Performed



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2005

19. Don’t judge a book by its ______
(a) Contents
(b) Cover
(c) Words
(d) Story
20. Deeds are better than _____
(a) Actions
(b) Appearances
(c) Words
(d) Hopes
21. Don’t count your chickens before they are ______
(a) Hatched
(b) Eaten
(c) Cooked
(d) Ready
22. The money a man receives during the year is considered his _______
(a) Revenue
(b) Salary
(c) Income
(d) Fee
23. Jesus of Nazareth illustrated religious concepts by means of _____
(a) Stories
(b) Legends
(c) Fables
(d) Parables        (moral story, lesson)
24. Judgment was passed on the murderer and he was duly ______
(a) Assassinated
(b) Strangled
(c) Killed
(d) Executed
25. The road was completely ____ by a fallen tree.
(a) Closed
(b) Hindered
(c) Stopped
(d) Blocked
26. A hostile crowd tried to _____ the Chairman from delivering his speech.
(a) Prevent
(b) Obstruct
(c) Impede
(d) Hinder
27. The administrator could not make up his mind about this ____ point.
(a) Indecisive
(b) Vague
(c) Debatable
(d) Pointless


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2004

14. The building does not _____ to safety regulations.
(a) Follow
(b) Agree
(c) Comply
(d) Conform     (comply with rules, standards)
15. He made a ____ promise in front of the temple.
(a) Grave
(b) Sober
(c) Solemn       (serious, dignified)
(d) Serious
16. We do not have words strong enough to condemn such a foul and ____ act of murder.
(a) hasty
(b) Timid
(c) Hateful
(d) Timorous
17. In company we must always be ____
(a) Social
(b) Friendly
(c) Sociable
(d) Courteous
18. A _____ of savages attacked in the explorer.
(a) Gang
(b) Horde      (crowd, mob)
(c) Crowd
(d) Band

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2003

10. Doctors of medicine are among the most _____ members of American Society.
(a) Affluent       (wealthy, rich)
(b) Aristocratic
(c) Indolent
(d) Carping
11. The _____ are not always cowards.
(a) Timid
(b) Cautious
(c) Discreet
(d) Righteous      (good, decent)
12. His ______ attitude when we are on a holiday is very annoying to me.
(a) Pretentious
(b) Obtuse
(C) Turbulent
(d) Parsimonious      (mean, miserly)
13. The ancient people used to _____ their ancestors.
(a) Dislike
(b) Venerate      (respect, worship)
(c) Worship
(d) Exonerate


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2002

15. The thief disappeared in a _____
(a) Day
(b) Run
(c) Trice
(d) Hurry
16. The odds against us were indeed ______
(a) Light
(b) Colorful
(c) Cheerful
(d) Heavy

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2001

7. He was too late, as _____ would have it.
(a) Fate
(b) Luck
(c) Fortune
(d) God
8. I _____ my letter last evening.
(a) Finished
(b) Have finished
(c) Had finished
(d) Had been finished
9. You may safely use _____ drugs.
(a) Innocent
(b) Beneficent
(c) Innocuous      (harmless, safe)
(d) Useful

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2000

9. That he should disappear like seems hardly _____
(a) Credulous
(b) Credible
(c) Compatible
(d) Permissible
10. The storm began _______
(a) At the drop of a hat
(b) On the quick
(c) In the sudden
(d) All of a sudden
11. Many changes of climate are the result of ______
(a) Global heating
(b) Universal warming
(c) Global warming
(d) Universal heating

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 1999
1. I _____ my motherland heartfelt gratitude for what I am today.
(a) Thank
(b) Am indebted
(c) Owe
(d) Pay
2. The whole district was _____ due to heavy showers.
(a) Flooded
(b) Overflown
(c) Inundated     (flood, overflow, submerge)
(d) Water-logged
3. When I asked him he ______ to tell the truth.
(a) Denied
(b) Disagreed
(c) Refused
(d) Objected
4. I cannot disobey him as he is ____ to me.
(a) Superior
(b) Senior
(c) Elder
(d) More qualified
5. I shall not go ________
(a) Unless you go
(b) Without you do
(c) Except you do
(d) Despite you do
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