General Knowledge – WBCS Preliminary Question Paper


General Knowledge WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

GK General Knowledge wbcs question paper

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2020

46. International Day of the Tropics is observed every year on

(29th June)

(A) 23rd March

(B) 4th July

(C) 22nd September

(D) 26th June


66. Teachers’ Day is observed every year In India on

(A) September, 5

(B) October, 2

(C) November, 6

(D) December, 25


86. Who established the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) of India in 1948?

(A) P.K. Iyengar

(B) M.R. Srinivasan

(C) Vikram Sarabhai

(D) Homi Bhabha


89. National Institute of Disaster Management or NIDM was previously named as:

(A) National Centre of Disaster Management

(B) National Council of Disaster Management

(C) National Committee for Disaster Management

(D) National Task Force on Disaster Management


95. India celebrated / will celebrate its 70th Constitution Day in

(A) 2020

(B) 2018

(C) 2017

(D) 2019


96. Samvidhan Divas or Constitution Day is celebrated in India on

(A) 3rd December

(B) 25th October

(C) 5th January

(D) 26th November


111. In 2006 NIDM was established. Which one of the following is correct ?

(Founded: 1995)

(A) False

(B) True

(C) By the Ministry of Human Resource

(D) By the External Affairs Ministry


156. PCMA (2006) is the abbreviated version of

(A) Prohibition of Child Marriage Act

(B) Parent-Child Maintenance Act

(C) Pollution Control and Monitoring Act

(D) Parental Care and Maintenance Act


163. ‘Chancellor’ of the State-run Universities in West Bengal is

(A) Governor of the State

(B) Chief Minister of the State

(C) Education Minister of the State

(D) Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court


184. The first Indian to receive Nobel Prize in Economics is

(A) Professor Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee

(B) Professor Amartya Kumar Sen

(C) Professor V. K. R.V. Rao

(D) Professor T. N. Srinivasan



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2019

162. Who was the Prime Minister of Israel during the Munich Massacre ?

(A) Golda Meir      

(B) David Ben-Gurion      

(C) Levi Eshkol       

(D) Shimon Peres


166. Who was Sikkim’s last sovereign king ?

(A) Phuntsog Namgyal      

(B) Tensung Namgyal      

(C) Tashi Namgyal       

(D) Palden Namgyal


168. Where is Vansda National Park Located ?

(A) Uttar Pradesh       

(B) Gujarat      

(C) Rajasthan     

(D) Madhya Pradesh


169. What is the currency of Iran ?

(A) Iranian Rial     

(B) Iranian Rubel      

(C) Iranian Diner     

(D) Iranian Dollar


170. Which date is marked as the World Day for War Orphans ?

(A) January 3      

(B) January 4     

(C) January 5      

(D) January 6


174. Who among the following never became the President of United State of America ?

(A) Herbert Hoover       

(B) Geraldin Ford     

(C) Calvin Coolidge     

(D) James Buchanan  



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2018

71. Which day is celebrated every year on 5th of December by Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) of the United Nations? 

(A) World Soil Day      

(B) World Health Day      

(C) World Irrigation Day     

(D) World Anti-Starvation Day


100. The headquarter of the Eastern Railway is located at

(A) Ranchi       

(B) Kharagpur      

(C) Dispur       

(D) Kolkata


185. The importance of ‘Ring Road’ for New Delhi :

(A) it avoid the main city centre

(B) heavy vehicles can avoid city centre

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


190. At present the JNNURM project of the Central Govt.

(A) funds development in cities for transport only

(B) funds development in rural areas for transport only

(C) funds projects in cities and villages for transport, housing and environment protection

(D) limitedly funds road development for villages




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2017

59    Which of the following states does not have veto power in the U.N Security Council ?   

United America   

United kingdom   




63    The International Day for preservation of ozone layer is observed on   






75    The Headquarter of World Bank is in   

New york   

Washington DC  






WBCS Preliminary Question – 2016

183.  Darwin and Wallace were both strongly influenced by the book “An Essay on the Principle of Population” written by :

(A) Erasmus        

(B) Malthus        

(C) Volthus        

(D) Lamarck




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2015

131.  Which is the following gets its name from a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo ?

(A) Chikungunia virus       

(B) Lassa fever      

(C) Salmonella bacteria       

(D) Ebola virus


140.  World cancer Day was observed in 2015 across the world on

(A) 10th January       

(B) 4th February       

(C) 5th June       

(D) 15th July


145. The real name of Gulzar, the noted poet and lyricist, is

(A) Sampooran Singh Kalra   

(B) Sadanand Sing Kalia    

(C) Surjeet Singh Kohli    

(D) Probodh Chandra Bhatia




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2014

51.  Alleppo is a rebellious province of

(A) Iraq      

(B) Lebanon        

(C) Syria       

(D) Ukraine


56.  India held Garuda-V air exercises jointly with

(A) Russia      

(B) U.S.A        

(C) France      

(D) China


74.  The Election Commission of India celebrates the National Voters Day on

(A) 26th January      

(B) 25th March       

(C) 25th January       

(D) 1st February


96.  INS Vikramaditya is

(A) a nuclear powered submarine      

(B) an aircraft carrier

(C) a leander class frigate     

(D) a patrol boat


105.  Which one of the following is a medium range missile  ?

(A) Akash        

(B) Prithvi      

(C) Agni       

(D) Brahmos


139.  Which one of the following states is not a member of SAARC ?

(A) Bhutan      

(B) Bangladesh       

(C) Mauritius      

(D) Nepal


187.  Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is a national of

(A) Argentina      

(B) Mexico      

(C) Brazil      

(D) Uruguay



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2013

131.  World’s longest railway platform is —

(Gorakhpur Junction)

(A) Kharagpur        

(B) Vishakhapatnam        

(C) Secunderabad        

(D) Kanpur


156.  India is a full member of —

(A) NAFTA      

(B) E.U.        

(C) SAARC       

(D) None of the above


175.  The founder of Facebook is —

(A) Steve Jobs        

(B) Mark Zuckerberg       

(C) Larry Page      

(D) Bill Gates


194.  The headquarters of NATO is located in :

(A) New York     

(B) Vienna       

(C) Brussels     

(D) London




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2012

51.  CTBT is a term associated with :

(A) Nuclear Weapon      

(B) Central taxes      

(C) International Terrorism     

(D) None of the above


66.  Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to measure

(A) Depth of water        

(B) Position of oceanic minerals

(C) Lattitudes and longitudes      

(D) Circumference of the globe


83. National Integration Day is celebrated on :

(A) 30th October      

(B) 19th November      

(C) 25th September    

(D) 29th September


162.  Name the International body which is the predecessors of UNO for maintenance of world peace :

(A) International Union of Nations       

(B) Union of Nation States

(C) League of Nations         

(D) None of the above



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2011

155.  International Women’s Day is celebrated on

(A) March 15      

(B) March 22      

(C) March 10     

(D) March 8


166.  India’s permanent Research Station ”Dakshin Gangotri” is located at

(Constructed in 1984)

(A) Himalayas      

(B) Indian Ocean       

(C) Antarctica      

(D) Arabian Sea 




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2010

  1. The earthquake in Latur is believed to have resulted from

(30 Sept 1993)

(A) Excessive loading of water       

(B) Plate movement      

(C)  Fault line underneath a dam      

(D) Folding




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2009

  1. The Hezbollah militant group is mostly based in

(A) Palestine     

(B) Syria      

(C) Jordan     

(D) Lebanon


  1. India’s permanent Research Station “Dakshin Gongotri’ is situated in

(A) Great Himalayas     

(B) Indian Ocean      

(C) Antarctica     

(D) Arabian Sea


  1. The headquarters of SAARC is in

(A) Dhaka      

(B) Kathmandu      

(C) Islamabad       

(D) Delhi




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2008

  1. Who is the author of the famous book “A Train to Pakistan” ?


(A) Khushwant Singh 

(B) Shashi Tharoor

(C) Vikram Seth 

(D) Rudyard Kipling


  1. Which day is observed as World AIDS day ?

(A) December 4 

(B) December 10

(C) December 14

(D) December 1


  1. N.S.G. is related to


(A) Non-aligned States Group

(B) Nuclear Suppliers Group

(C) Nuclear States Group

(D) Non-nuclear States Group 


  1. The social distance scale was developed by


(A) Likert         

(B) La Pierre      

(C) Bogardus          

(D) Hovland


  1. Linus Pauling received his first Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954 and the second in 1962 for

(A) Literature 

(B) Medicine 

(C) Physics       

(D) Peace 




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2007

  1. The UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy was adopted by

(A) Security Council  

(B) General Assembly

(C) Economic and Social Council 

(D) International Labour Organization 


  1. The Liberhan Commission is related to

(A) Fodder Scam  

(B) Administrative Tribunals

(C) Babri Masjid demolition

(D) Reservation of minorities 


  1. Justice Mukherjee Commission is related to

(A) Bombay High Fire 

(B) Godhra Incident

(C) Demolition of Babri Masjid

(D) Death of Subhas Chandra Bose 


  1. In which of the following years was the Food Corporation of India set up?

(14 Jan)

(A) 1955   

(B) 1960  

(C) 1965  

(D) 1970 


  1. The master plan of National Capital Region was approved in

(A) 1959   

(B) 1962     

(C) 1981  

(D) 1996 




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2006

  1. ‘Hubble’ is a

(a) Nuclear weapon

(b) Musical instrument

(c) Space telescope

(d) Star 


  1. O. Quattrocchi’s name is linked to.

(a) Terrorism  

(b) Bofors 

(c) Indian Railways’ 

(d) Nobel Prize 


  1. Samjhouta Express was between India and

(a) Pakistan  

(b) Bangladesh

(c) Myanmar  

(d) Nepal 


  1. SAARC is a regional organization of

(a) South Asian States 

(b) South American States

(c) South African States     

(d) Asian and African States 


  1. Aung San sun Kyi is a political figure in

(a) Taiwan   

(b) Hong Kong 

(c) Myanmar  

(d) Korea 


  1. Mid-day meal Scheme was launched in

(a) 1996   

(b) 1997

(c) 1995   

(d) 1998 






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