General Knowledge – WBPSC Food SI Previous Year Question Paper

General Knowledge – WBPSC Food SI Question Paper

General Knowledge - WBPSC Food SI Previous Year Question Paper

Food SI Question Paper – 2019

2. Which organ of UNO is considered as World Parliament?

(A) General Assembly

(B) Security Council

(C) International Court of Justice

(D) Trusteeship Council


16. ‘My Life’ is an autobiography of

(A) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(C) Bill Clinton

(D) Hillary Clinton


29. The famous painting ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ was prepared by

(A) Mahendranath Singh

(B) Nand Kishore Sharma

(C) Sivnandan Nautiyal

(D) Raj Kapoor


35. 2020 Olympics will be held in

(A) Japan

(B) London

(C) Germany

(D) Rome


40. Amnesty International is a

(A) Human Rights Group

(B) UN agency to fight global terrorism

(C) Refugee Camps in Croatia

(D) Branch of the World Bank


43. In which field Pulitzer Award is given?

(A) Science and Technology

(B) Literature and Journalism

(C) International Understanding

(D) Environmental Studies


44. Which one of the following is the oldest Grand Slam in the World?

(A) Wimbledon

(B) French Open

(C) Australian Open

(D) US Open


45. The first woman to scale Mount Everest was

(A) Arati Saha

(B) Asha Agarwal

(C) Bachendri Pal

(D) Rita Faria


50. First non-citizen to receive Bharat Ratna was

(A) Nelson Mandela

(B) Abraham Lincoln

(C) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

(D) Mother Teresa




Food SI Question Paper – 2014

57. The celebrated novel ‘Godfather’ was authored by

(A) Harold Robins

(B) John Milton

(C) Victor Hugo

(D) Mario Puzo


62. The extinct animal used in the logo of WWF is

(A) Tiger

(B) Giant Panda

(C) Dodo

(D) Rhinoceros


67. The first woman Prime Minister in the world is-

(A) Sirimavo Bandaranaike

(B) Magaret Thatcher

(C) Indira Gandhi

(D) Begum Khaleda Zia


76. State in which few govern the many

(A) Monarchy

(B) Oligarchy

(C) Plutocracy

(D) Autocracy


80. The name of the Indian Cricketer who took ten wickets in one innings of a Test Cricket

match (for men)

(A) B.S.Bedi

(B) Chandrasekhar

(C) Kapil Dev

(D) Anil Kumble


86. ‘Pulitzer Prize’ is awarded for outstanding work in the field of

(A) Environmental Studies

(B) Science and Technology

(C) International Understanding

(D) Literature and Journalism


87. The Eminent Sitar-player Pandit Ravi Shankar was the disciple of

(A) Baba Alauddin Khan

(B) Enayat Khan

(C) Ali Akbar Khan

(D) Vilayat Khan


92. The name of the famous film director who was the brother of author Mahasweta Devi is

(A) Mrinal Sen

(B) Ritwik Ghatak

(C) Tapan Singh

(D) Ajay Kar


106. Milkha Singh achieved in 1960 Olympics in Athletics

(A) Fourth in 400m final

(B) Second in 400m final

(C) Eighth in 50km walk

(D) Seventh in 800m final


108. London Olympics gold medallist ‘Usain Bolt’ hails from

(A) Jamaica

(B) Ethiopia

(C) Mali

(D) South Africa


109. Letters M R in M R Shop stands for

(A) Modified Ration

(B) Maximum Ration

(C) Minimum Ration

(D) Marginal Ration


112. Choose the correct synonym for EMBEZZLE

(A) Misappropriate

(B) Balance

(C) Remunerate

(D) Clear


114. The first Indian to receive an Oscar for Music direction is

(A) K. L. Saigal

(B) Pankaj Kumar Mollick

(C) Salil Chowdhury

(D) A. R. Rahman


118. The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award is

(A) Limba Ram

(B) Leander Paes

(C) Vishwanathan Anand

(D) Kapil Dev


125. In which of the following festivals are boat races a special feature?

(A) Rongali Bihu

(B) Onam

(C) Pongal

(D) Navratri


128. “sa-re-ga-ma-pa-dha-ni-sa”-among these tones the relation between the frequencies of the first and second “sa”

(A) Frequency of the 1st = 2 x frequency of the 2nd

(B) Frequency of the 1st = frequency of the 2nd

(C) Frequency of the 2nd = 3 x frequency of the 1st

(D) Frequency of the 2nd = 2 x frequency of the 1st


129. ‘The Republic’ was written by

(A) Plato

(B) James Mill

(C) Jeremy Bentham

(D) Machiavelli


131. The director of the film ‘Life of Pi’ is

(A) Spielberg

(B) Ang Lee

(C) Michael Hanke

(D) Robert De Niro


135. The world famous athlete Usain Bolt is from

(A) Kenya

(B) Uruguay

(C) Jamaica

(D) United Kingdom


140. One who possess many talents

(A) Versatile

(B) Nubile

(C) Exceptional

(D) Talented


141. The name of ‘Leslie Claudius’ is associated with the game of

(A) Football

(B) Cricket

(C) Lawn Tennis

(D) Hockey


143. Which one of the following is not an input device of a computer?

(A) Keyboard

(B) Joystick

(C) Printer

(D) Optical Character Reader


148. ‘Yen’ is the official currency of the country of –

(A) China

(B) North Korea

(C) Thailand

(D) Japan



Food SI Question Paper – 2006

3. Which one is World Tourism Day ?

(A) 27 September

(B) 24 October

(C) 15 November

(D) 31 December


7. Which of the following is related to D. T. H. (Direct To Home) ?

(A) Television

(B) Telephone (Land)

(C) Mobile phone

(D) Internet


13. The headquarter of International Olympic Committee is located in

(A) Switzerland

(B) London

(C) Moscow

(D) New York


17. Commonwealth Games is held after a gap of how many years ?

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 6

(D) 8


23. The novel “Boatman of the Padma” (Padma Nadir Majhi) is written by

(A) Manik Bandopadhyay

(B) Tara Sankar Bandopadhyay

(C) Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay

(D) Bibhutibhusan Mukhopadhyay


27. Hariprasad Chourasia is famous for playing which instrument ?

(A) Tabla

(B) Sarod

(C) Flute

(D) Sitar


33. Oscar is conferred in which field ?

(A) Literature

(B) Science

(C) Sports

(D) Movies


44. Who is the Chairperson of National Commission for Women ?

(A) Purnima Advani

(B) Girija Vyas

(C) Amrita Patel

(D) Brinda Karat


61. ‘Agha Khan Cup‘ is awarded in which sport ?

(A) Football

(B) Cricket

(C) Badminton

(D) Hockey


64. ‘Grand Slam‘ is associated with which of the following sports ?

(A) Table Tennis

(B) Chess

(C) Football

(D) Bridge


71. The first drama written by Madhusudan Dutta

(A) Sharmistha

(B) Krishnakumari

(C) Padmavati

(D) Mayakanon


74. The poet of the poem “Banalata Sen” is

(A) Joy Goswami

(B) Bishnu Dey

(C) Shanka Ghosh

(D) Jibanananda Das


81. Begum Akhtar is famous in which of the following fields ?

(A) Music

(B) Dance

(C) Politics

(D) Painting


84. Who is known as the “Nightingale of India” is

(A) Lata Mangeshkar

(B) Asha Bhonsle

(C) Vijayalaxmi Pandit

(D) Sarojini Naidu


85. A major nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu is

(A) Meenambakkam

(B) Kalpakkam

(C) Thanjavur

(D) Coimbatore


95. Which of the following is AIDS Day ?

(A) 9 December

(B) 1 December

(C) 30 November

(D) 24 October



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