One word Substitution – English – WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

one word Substitution
One word Substitution English WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2023

3. Choose the word that best replaces the italicized words in the given sentence—

In earlier times, rebels were executed for killing the king.

(A) homicide

(B) regicide

(C) parricide

(D) fratricide


8. Identify the incorrect pair

(A) Kidney diseases — urologist

(B) Blood-related diseases — haematologist

(C) Diseases of the stomach — gastroenterologist

(D) Various types of cancer — oncologist


17. Who is a ‘psephologist’?

(A) Someone who specializes in statistical studies of voting patterns in elections.

(B) Someone who specializes in a certain branch of neuropsychology.

(C) Someone who specializes in a certain branch of astrophysics.

(D) Someone who practises Freudian psychoanalysis.



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2022

  1. An Obstetrician deals with

(A) Child disease

(B) Liver disease

(C) Pregnancy & childbirth

(D) Nerve disease


  1. Give the one-word substitution of:

      One who talks continuously

(talkative, garrulous, voluble, profuse)

(A) Voracious

(B) Impecunious

(C) Loquacious

(D) Avaricious


  1. Give the one-word substitution of:

      Creature having both male and female organs

(androgyne, bisexual, epicene)

(A) Sodomite

(B) Homosexual

(C) Masochist

(D) Hermaphrodite



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2021

3. Choose the right word for love of oneself.

(vanity, self-admiration)

(A) Hedonism      

(B) Masochism       

(C) Narcissism      

(D) Sadism


10. The word ‘claustrophobia’ means

(A) fear of darkness     

(B) fear of crowds       

(C) fear of confined spaces     

(D) fear of water


25.  A place where bees are kept _____

(A) Aviary      

(B) Abattoir     

(C) Granary      

(D) Apiary




WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2019

13. Ornithology is the study of
(A) Fish      
(B) Coins      
(C) Relics      
(D) Birds
15. The word ‘necrophilia’ means
(A) Love for insects     
(B) Love for children     
(C) Cultivation of knowledge     
(D) Fascination with dead bodies

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2018

9. Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below :
(a) of the first or highest quality
(b) a long list
(c) loose, flowing robe
(d) sanctified
19. One who considers the happiness and well-being of others first is an
(a) Atheist
(b) Altruistic
(c) Alchemist
(d) Aesthete
20. Fill in the blank with the correct word:
An Ophthalmologist is a person who deals with ____ .
(a) heart
(b) eyes
(c) glands
(d) lungs
22. An Ornithologist deals with:
(a) Insects
(b) Birds
(c) Eyes
(d) Heart
23. An indefatigable person remains
(a) untired
(b) unhappy
(c) unrelentful
(d) unsocial

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2017

9. An Epicurean is one who
(a) Endures
(b) Suffers
(c) Enjoys pleasure
(d) Loves
10. An orthopedist deals with
(a) Eyes
(b) Lungs
(c) Bones
(d) Childbirth
11. An illness that is likely to be fatal is
(a) Mortal
(b) Serious
(c) Slight
(d) Temporary


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2016

16. An ophthalmologist deals with
(a) Kidney
(b) Liver
(c) Eyes
(d) Heart
2. Memorabilia refers to
(a) memorable things
(b) memories of war
(c) memories of objects collected because of their links with people or events
(d) memories of the past
3. A misanthrope is a person who
(hater of mankind)
(a) dislikes women
(b) dislikes other people
(c) dislikes children
(d) dislikes Nature
One word Substitution

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2015

1. A person on the verge of death of an illness is :
(a) Seriously ill
(b) Terminally ill
(c) Sporadically ill
(d) None of the above
2. An endocrinologist deals with :
(a) Teeth
(b) Glands
(c) Epidemics
(d) Heart

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2014

1. A person of outgoing nature is known as a/an
(a) Stoic
(b) Extrovert
(c) Megalomaniac
(d) Philanthropist
2. A person suffering from an uncontrollable desire to steal is known as a/an ____
(a) Kleptomaniac
(b) Necromantic
(c) Necrophobic
(d) Introvert

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2013

1. People who do not settle down, speak the Romany language, are called
(a) Truant
(b) Vagabond
(c) Gypsy
(d) Wanderer
2. An omnivorous creature is one who
(a) Eats both plants and animals
(b) Omnipresent
(c) Omniscient
(d) Eats nothing
3. A preparation for killing insects is
(a) Parasite
(b) Insecticide
(c) Humus
(d) Rodent
4. ‘We are superior to everybody else’ is the apt utterance of a/an
(a) Egoist
(b) Pacifist
(c) Anarchist
(d) Chauvinist
5. ‘Crocodile tears’ means
(a) Expression of sorrow
(b) Tears of animals
(c) False tears
(d) Painful expression
6. A _______ makes no difference between man and man in spreading his love.
(a) Philander
(b) Philistine
(c) Philosopher
(d) Philanthropist


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2012

1. A ‘soliloquy means
(a) Speaking to others
(b) speaking to oneself
(c) speaking in whispers
(d) Speaking to a friend
2. The meat of dear is called
(a) Mutton
(b) Venison
(c) Spoor
(d) Tendril
3. Regicide means
(a) Murder of a father
(b) Murder of a king
(c) Murder of a brother
(d) Murder of a sister
4. ‘Aural’ means
(a) Relating to the ear
(b) Relating to the eye
(c) Relating to the air
(d) Relating to the water
5. Tortuous means
(a) Torture
(b) Tour
(c) Full of twists and turns
(d) Torturous
6. ‘Astronomy’ means study of the
(a) Moon
(b) stars
(c) Sky
(d) Sun
7. A manicurist takes care of
(a) Foot
(b) Ear
(c) Nails
(d) Mind
8. Lachrymose nature means
(a) Lethargic
(b) Prone to anger
(c) Prone to tear
(d) Energetic
9. A gourmet loves
(a) Fashion
(b) Action
(c) Food
(d) Films
10. A pugilist is
(a) Boxer
(b) Swimmer
(c) Athlete
(d) Weight-lifter

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2011

1. A dissolute person is one who is
(a) Debauched
(b) Dishonest
(c) Dissimilar
(d) Discontent
2. A female ‘administrator’ will be called an
(a) Administratoress
(b) Administress
(c) Administratrix
(d) Administrer
3. Many camels together would be called a
(a) Team
(b) Troop
(c) String
(d) Caravan
4. A man who catches fish as a hobby is called a/an ______
(fishes with a rod and line)
(a) Fisherman
(b) Angler    
(c) Hunter
(d) Fishmonger
One word Substitution

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2010

1. The specialist who handles problems in the human body related to bones is a/an —
(a) Orthodontist
(b) Osteopath
(c) Podiatrist
(d) Oncologist
2. A man with an irrationally fixed idea is called 
(enthusiast, fan, addict)
(a) An eccentric
(b) A maniac
(c) A manikin
(d) A phobic
3. We are superior to everybody else is the apt utterance of a/an :
(a) egoist (self-centered or selfish person)
(b) pacifist
(c) anarchist
(d) chauvinist (excessively patriotic, male supremacist)
46. A pugilist is a—
(a) Boxer
(b) Swimmer
(c) Athlete
(d) Weightlifter
4. A man in charge of farming and nurturing animals called
(a) A ploughman
(b) Farmer
(c) A firm manager
(d) A husbandman
5. A manicurist takes care of:
(a) Foot
(b) Ear
(c) Nails
(d) Mind


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2009

1. A fourteen-lined poem is called a
(a) Sonnet
(b) Epilogue
(c) Composition
(d) Lyric
2. One who hates mankind is called
(a) Man-hater
(b) Cannibal
(c) Demon
(d) Misanthropist
3. The art of Cultivating and managing gardens is called
(a) Horticulture
(b) Gardening
(d) Geology
(d) Botany
37. Love for the whole world is called
(a) Patriotism
(b) Generousness
(c) Philanthropy
(d) Nobility
38. People who look at the stars in the sky are pursuing a wonderful vocation.—
(a) Astrologers
(b) Astronomers 
(c) Geophpicists
(d) Geologists
39. People who were present in the hall to listen to the lecture were indisciplined.
(a) Crowd
(b) Mob
(c) Audience
(d) Ruffians
40. A Government by divine guidance is called
(a) Theocracy
(b) Episcopacy
(c) Oligarchy
(d) Aristocracy
41. A disease affecting many persons at the same time and place is called
(a) Epidemic
(b) Infection
(c) Sickness
(d) Death
42. A person who makes his journey on foot is called a
(a) Pedestrian
(b) Walker
(c) Rambler
(d) Wanderer
43. A collection of poems came out to felicitate the poet.
(a) Guidebook
(b) Collection
(c) An Anthology
(d) Compilation

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2008

31. A market where old and used goods are sold is called a
(a) Grey market
(b) Share market
(c) Black market
(d) Flea market
32. An interpreter is involved with the task of
(a) Inscription
(b) Transcription
(c) Translation
(d) Transformation
33. One who moves from one place to go to live work in another is called a migrant.
But a vagrant is a person
(a) Without a valid passport
(b) Who goes to live in exile
(c) Without a settled home or regular work
(d) Who asks for political asylum
138. A false belief which cannot be shaken by reason is termed
(A) Delusion
(B) Fantasy
(C) Illusion
(D) Hallucination  
One word Substitution

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2007

1. Political crime against one’s own country is called
(a) Treachery
(b) Treason
(c) Sedition
(d) Terrorism
2. A drawback usually observed in women is called
(a) Womanly
(b) Womanish
(c) Female
(d) Feminine
4. The trees which shed all their leaves at a particular time of the year are called
(a) Evergreen
(b) Coniferous
(c) Deciduous
(d) Savanna
5. The concluding part of a literary work is called
(a) Epigraph
(b) Epitaph
(c) Conclusion
(d) Epilogue
6: One who knows all is called
(a) Scholarly
(b) Omniscient
(c) Learned
(d) Erudite
27. A government of the richest class is called
(a) Monarchy
(b) Aristocracy
(c) Plutocracy
(d) Oligarchy
28 A person out to destroy the government is known as
(a) A terrorist
(b) An anarchist
(c) A militant
(d) An extremist
29. People who believe anything told to them are not dependable.
(a) Faithful
(b) Credible
(c) All-believing
(d) Credulous
30. The two men coming from the same country booked the same hotel in the neighboring State.
(a) Immigrants
(b) Compatriots     (countryman)
(c) Comrades
(d) Refugees


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2006

8. To conduct talks with a party with the aim of settling an issue is to —
(a) Negotiate
(b) Confer
(c) Consult
(d) Advise
9. To make use of marks like commas or full stops is to
(a) Deviate
(b) Vary
(c) Regulate
(d) Punctuate
10. A child who has lost both his parents is known as —
(a) Unlucky
(b) A foundling
(c) An orphan
(d) A street-child
11. When the author gives a name that is not his real one, the book is said to be written under a —
(pen name, incognito)
(a) Fiction
(b) Falsehood
(c) Pseudonym    
(d) Mistake
12. A seller of cakes
(a) Baker
(b) Salesman
(c) Cake-seller
(d) Confectioner
13. A dwelling in which soldiers live —
(a) Camp
(b) Barracks
(c) Tents
(d) Cottage
14. The waves that tumble onto the beach are called —
(a) Tumblers
(b) Breakers
(c) Currents
(d) Roarers
15. The man who passed himself off as another was finally caught by the alert young detective.
(a) Wrong-doer
(b) Cheat
(c) Impostor
(d) Traitor OWR
16. The people of the country rebelled against the oppressive and cruel ruler.
(a) Dictator
(b) Tyrant
(c) Demagogue
(d) Emperor
17. My friend was apt to act suddenly without thinking.
a) Courageously
(b) Excitedly
(c) Thoughtlessly
(d) Impulsively
18. Part of the examination should be conducted by word of mouth.
(a) Orally
(b) Intelligently
(c) Confidentially
(d) Literally
19. Apiece writing done by hand is called a
(a) Script
(b) Copy
(c) Manuscript
(d) Essay
20. A collection of assorted poems or other writings is known as
(a) A casebook
(b) An anthology
(c) A journal
(d) Reviews
21. An author who writes the story of another person’s life is known as —
(a) Historian
(b) Chronicler
(c) Biographer
(d) Diarist
29. When an animal sleeps through the winter it is
(a) Ruminating
(b) Hibernating
(c) Gravitating
(d) Radiating

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2005

3. That which is not permissible is
(a) Wrong
(b) Prohibited
(c) Evil
(d) Impermanent
4. One who leaves his country for another is
(a) A traitor
(b) A refugee
(c) An emigrant
(d) An immigrant
5. One who acquires a bad name is
(a) Famous
(b) Evil
(c) Notorious
(d) Infamous
6. His ghost story was beyond belief.
(a) Fantastic
(b) Terrifying
(c) Incredible
(d) Imaginary
7. My friend was a person apt to act suddenly without thinking.
(a) Impulsive
(b) Excitable
(c) Thoughtless
(d) Violent
One word Substitution

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2003

22. His sudden and unexpected appearance seemed to petrify her
(fossilized, frozen)
(a) Amaze
(b) Turn to stone
(c) Frighten
(d) Shock
26. Ichthyology is related with
(A) fish
(B) bird
(C) insect
(D) mammal

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 1999

1. Someone leaving one’s own country—
(a) A refugee
(b) An emigrant
(c) A migratory
(d) A nomadic man
2. Something leading to death
(a) Deadening
(b) Terrible
(c) Dangerous
(d) Lethal
5. A man with polished behavior _____
(a) A snobbish man
(b) A courteous
(c) A courtly
(d) A civilized
One word Substitution
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