Phrasal Verb – English – WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

Phrasal Verb English WBCS Preliminary Question Paper
Phrasal Verb

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2023

9. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words.

We need to ____ this matter ____ thoroughly.

(A) look into; more

(B) look in; most

(C) look up; much

(D) look for; may be


19. Select the correct proverb to fill in the blank in the following sentence:

It is best not to delay since ____ .

(A) beggars can’t be choosers

(B) a stitch in time saves nine

(C) a bad workman blames his tools

(D) all’s fair in love and war


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2022

24. Instead of ‘tolerance’ we can say

(put up with, endure, suffer)

(A) bear on

(B) bear in

(C) bear with

(D) bear at



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2020

8. Never ______ upon the marginalized.
Fill in with the right phrasal verb.
(A) look over
(B) look down
(C) look through
(D) look into



WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2019

3.  Fill in with the right phrasal verb.
The detective suddenly ______ a useful clue.
(A) gave in      
(B) came across       
(C) fill up      
(D) fell down

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2018

2. “Call up” means :
(a) recollect
(b) anticipate
(c) befriend
(d) invite
5. The girl ______ her mother
(a) takes after
(b) call in
(c) puts off
(d) puts by
11. The teacher will ______ a new chapter tomorrow.
(a) take over
(b) take up
(c) take down
(d) take off

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2017

24. He wanted to ______ out.
(being summoned)
(a) want
(b) ask
(c) call
(d) order
25. There was no ______ in the rain.
(a) let up     (decrease, diminish)
(b) let in
(c) let off
(d) let go

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2016

23. In a moment of hurry, the files had been ______ by Hamilton.
(a) cast about
(b) cast out
(c) cast up
(d) cast aside(ignore, overlook, reject)

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2015

22. There was a ______ on the midnight train.
(a) Hold up    (delay, difficulty)
(b) Hold in
(c) Hold
(d) Hold out

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2014

19. They decided to _____ his number in the yellow pages
(a) Look into
(b) Look at
(c) Lookup     (information in a reference book)
(d) Look onto
20. Fill in the blank with correct phrasal verb from the options provided below:
The boss simply could not __________ his inefficiency any more.
(a) put off
(b) put up with     (tolerate, accept)
(c) put down
(d) put across
21. I will ______ her case as a precedent to my job until May.
(a) hold-up
(b) hold on
(c) hold in
(d) hold to


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2013

18. His friend ______ his word much to his despair
(a) Went back on
(b) Went away from
(c) Went with
(d) Went in
61. They ‘laughed down’ the man means that they ______ the man.
(a) Confined
(b) Laughed with
(c) Ridiculed and belittled
(d) Punished

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2011

1. We should ______ for a rainy day.
(a) Put down
(b) Put into
(c) Put something by(save for future use)
(d) Put things off
16. The thief ______ with the ornaments.
(a) Made away
(b) Made out
(c) Made off(take away, steal)
(d) Made up
17. The boys were ‘kept in’ after school means that the boys were _____
(a) Caned
(b) Punished
(c) Confined(restricted, limited)
(d) Rewarded

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2010

14. The evidence ______ with what one already knows.
(a) Ties in
(b) Sets in
(c) Gives in
(d) Goes down

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2009

12.  After much effort he could tide over the crisis.
(a) Overcome
(b) Win over
(c) Defeat
(d) Enjoy
13. After a prolonged suffering he passed away.
(a) Went away
(b) Left
(c) Expired
(d) Yielded

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2008

11. After a promising start his career soon came to an end in a disappointing way.
(a) Roughed out
(b) Fizzled out
(c) Flaked out
(d) Rounded off

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2007

10. After much resistance the robbers gave in to the police.
(a) Arrested
(b) Apologized
(c) Yielded(surrender, hand over)
(d) Defeated

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2003

9. You cannot always go by appearances.
(a) Bypass
(b) Neglect
(c) Ignore
(d) Judge From
25. Poor nutrition in infancy can hold back physical growth.
(a) Resist
(b) Retard(delay, slow down)
(c) Restore
(d) Decrease

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2001

8. I cannot make out what he wishes to say.
(a) Guess
(b) Understand
(c) Discover
(d) Explain

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 2000

1. The two boys fell _____ but soon become friends again
(quarrel, argue, fight)
(a) Away
(b) Forward
(c) On
(d) Out
2. I asked the slow worker to get a move _____
(a) Out
(b) Forward
(c) On
(d) Full
3. He put _____ some savings to support him in his old age.
(a) In
(b) Back
(c) Under
(d) By
7. “Lay off’ can mean to stop working and also
(a) To go on strike
(b) To leave alone
(c) To spread out
(d) To go to sleep


WBCS Preliminary Question Paper – 1999

1. As soon as January is over the days begin to draw out noticeably.
(a) Obtain
(b) Leave
(c) Get longer
(d) Encourage to be less shy
2. Would you make out the bill, please ?
(a) Claim
(b) Write or fill in forms, cheques etc.
(c) Understand
(d) Distinguish
3. This book is difficult to understand, and when I’m tired I can’t take in what the author means.
(a) Give accommodation to
(b) Include
(c) Understand
(d) Observe
4. I usually get through my salary by the middle of the month.
(a) Finish
(b) Use up
(c) Cause to be approved of
(d) Help to contact
5. If you can hang on a second. I’ll look for my brother and tell him you’re on the phone for him.
(a) Wait
(b) Endure
(c) Retain
(d) Live
6. We can put you up if you are staying in town overnight.
(a) Lend
(b) Tolerate
(c) Give accommodation
(d) Nominate as a candidate
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