Physical Geography

WBCS Question Paper – Prelims – 2018
51. On average, air contains ————–% of water vapour.
(a)1        (b)3
(c)5        (d)7
148. Rohilkhand region lies in
(a) Gujarat plains
(b) Western foothill- plains of the Aravalli
(c) Northern Uttar Pradesh
(d) Bihar
166. Importance of the Dolphin’s nose at Vishakhapatnam is as
(a) tourist spot only
(b)archaeological site
(c)natural protection for harbour and development of ship building industry
(d)Ropeway used for transporting cargo at the port
185. The importance of ‘Ring Road’ for New Delhi:
(a) it avoid the main city centre
(b)heavy vehicles can avoid city centre
(c)Both (A) and (B)
(d)None of the above
127. Name of the capital of the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh is:   
136. India’s share of total land area in the world is about   
2.4 per cent        
2.8 per cent       
3.2 per cent       
3.6 per cent
137. In terms of longitude the easternmost state of India is
Arunachal Pradesh
157.   Shillong plateau is also known as ‘Meghalaya’. It was named by :
(A) O.H.K. Spate        
(B) S.P. Chatterjee       
(C) D.N. Wadia        
(D) R.L. Singh
131.  Tropopause is :
(A) A region between troposphere and stratosphere.   
(B) A natural umbrella above volcanic eruptions.
(C)  Both (A) and (B)   
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)
121.  For his model of industrial location, Weber makes use of:
(A) Isogons       
(B) Isophenes        
(C) Isodapanes        
(D) Isotachs
77.   If there were no atmosphere, the earth would have been
(A) Slightly hot     
(B) Slightly cold       
(C) Very hot      
(D) Very cold
106.  The Indian Peninsula is surrounded by water on
(A) South and East     
(B) South and West  
(C) Southwest, South and Southeast      
(D) East and West
119.  In which layer of the atmosphere does ozone act as a UV radiation shield ?
(A) Troposphere      
(B) Thermosphere       
(C) Stratosphere      
(D) Mesosphere
121.  The difference in time between Kolkata and London is
(A) Kolkata is more than 5 hours ahead   
(B) Kolkata is more than 3 hours ahead
(C) Kolkata is 15 minutes ahead           
(D) Kolkata is 10 hours behind
138.  Indian Standard Time is calculated along a line of longitude passing through
(A) 82°30’ E passing through Allahabad    
(B) 80°30’ E passing through Delhi
(C) 88°30’ E passing through Kolkata       
(D) 84°00’ E passing through Nasik
139.  One of the characteristics of the atmosphere of prebiotic primitive earth was :
(A) Absence of hydrogen       
(B) Absence of water vapour
(C) Absence of nitrogen        
(D) Absence of oxygen
178.  Theory of Plate Tectonic explains
(A) Formation of Mountains     
(B) Sea floor spreading   
(C) Origin of earthquakes       
(D) All of the above
182.  An area will be described as urban if it has
(A) High population    
(B) Has towns and cities
(C) Has a high proportion of people in non-agriculture pursuits     
(D) All of the above
44.  Who prepares the topographical maps of India ?
(A) Geological Survey of India       
(B) Survey of India
(C) Defence Ministry      
(D) Geographical Survey of India
27.  Seismograph is :
(A) An instrument for photographing clouds
(B) An instrument for recording earthquake tremors
(C) An instrument for measuring depths of water in the sea
(D) A device for recording changes in the atmospheric pressure
45.  On a map of the world some lines are drawn joining places of equal dip angles. These lines are known as —
(A) Isogonic lines       
(B) Isoclinic lines      
(C) Agonic lines      
(D) Isothermal lines
61.  In terms of area India’s rank in the world is —
(A) 5th        (B) 7th      
(C) 10th      (D) 12th
88.  Part of earth where life exist is known as —
(A) Lithosphere      
(B) Hydrosphere     
(C) Atmosphere      
(D) Biosphere
89.  When was Ganga Water Treaty was signed between India and Bangladesh ?
(A) 1994       (B) 1995       
(C) 1996      (D) 1997
98.  The first state in India which was created on linguistic basis
(A) Andhra Pradesh      
(B) Gujarat       
(C) Haryana       
(D) Kerala
99.  Mc. Mohan Line demarcates the boundary between
(A) India and Pakistan       
(B) India and China     
(C) India and Nepal     
(D) India and Bangladesh
107.  Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located at
(A) Sriharikota      
(B) Tarapur      
(C) Hyderabad      
(D) Chandipur
116.   Duncan Passage lies between
(A) Andaman and Nicobar Islands        
(B) South Andaman and Little Andaman
(C) Little Andaman and Nicobar       
(D) Amindivi and Lakshadweep Islands
137.  In India when population of an urban settlement crosses 100,000 it is called
(A) Town       (B) City      
(C) Metropolis      
(D) Megalopolis
164.  Which of the following states was previously know as NEFA ?
(A) Nagaland        
(B) Manipur       
(C) Assam       
(D) Arunachal Pradesh
197.  The latitude of a place is expressed by its angular distance in relation to
(A) South Pole      
(B) North Pole       
(C)  Equator      
(D) Axis of the Earth
84.  Tsunamis are generated by
(A) Under-sea plate movements     
(B) Undersea vulcanism       
(C) Tidal change     
(D) None of the above
143.  In India variety of corals are found around
(A) Lakshadweep      
(B) Daman & Diu       
(C) Sundarbans      
(D)  Narmada estuary
186.  Coastal Regulation Zones in India have been identified on the basis of
(A) Tidal Height       
(B) Sea Level Rise      
(C) Depth of Water      
(D) Undersea Bathymetry
91.  The first Indian state which was created on a linguistic basis following a long-drawn agitation is
(A) Andhra Pradesh      
(B) Assam       
(C) Tamil Nadut       
(D) Karnataka
117. Coastline of which of the following states is known as the Coromondal Coast ?
(A) Karnataka      
(B) Kerala      
(C) Orissa       
(D) Tamil Nadu
122.  Which state of India touches the boundaries of the largest number of other states ?
(A) Andhra Pradesh     
(B) Bihar     
(C) Madhya Pradesh      
(D) Uttar Pradesh
131. The Tropic of Cancer passes through
(A) Andhra Pradesh       
(B) Uttar Pradesh      
(C) Maharastra      
(D) Madhya Pradesh
136.  Satish Dhawan Space Centre located at 13° north latitude is situated at
(A) Chennai       
(B) Sriharikota       
(C) Trombay      
(D) Chandipur
141.  Chhattisgarh which came into being on 1st November, 2000 has been carved out of
(A) Madhya Pradesh     
(B) Orissa      
(C) Uttar Pradesh      
(D) Bihar
195.  The line demarcating the boundary between India and China in North Eastern Sector is called
(A) Radcliffe line       
(B) Durand line      
(C) Mc Mohan line      
(D) Siegfried line
111. The weight of a body on the surface of the earth is 10kg. Its weight at the centre of the earth is
(A)   0 kg.   (B)5kg.  (C)10kg   (D) Infinite 
140. Sand dunes form a major topographic feature of
(A)   Eastern Rajasthan     (B) Western Rajasthan     (C)   Punjab           (D) Gujarat 
103. ______ is India’s largest district (area wise)
(A) Baster    (B) Kachchh   (C) Leh-Ladakh        (D) Burdwan 
178. Map of India is best suited to_________ projection.
(A) Polyconic   (B) Lambert’s Conical Orthomophic (C) Albert’s Conical Equal Area   (D) Sinusoidal 
184. When a body is raised upwards from the surface of the earth, its weight shall 
(A) Increase    (B) remain same  (C) Decrease    (D) fluctuate 
193. There are floristic regions in India.    
(A) 4     (B) 6   (C) 8     (D) 7 
(western Himalayas, eastern Himalayas, Assam, Indus plain, Ganga plain, Deccan, Malabar and  Andaman’s)
196. Duncan passage lies between 
(A) Andaman and Nicobar                 (B) South Andaman and Little Andaman
(C) Amindivi and Lakshadweep islands         (D) Little Andaman and Nicobar 
52. When did Sikkim become part of India? 
(a) 1975    (b) 1978  (c) 1982    (d) 1990 
54. Kathiawar peninsula is one of the physiographic unit of 
(a) West coastal plain  (b) Plateau of Peninsular India. (c) Coastal plain (d) Kachcha Peninsula 
55. Golden Quadrilateral is a
(a)  National Highway Project      (b) National Highway Development Project
(c) Railway Development Project       (d) Gold Auction Centre. 
86. Which state was bifurcated too create Chattisgarh State? 
(a) Bihar   (b) Madhya Pradesh  (c) Uttar Pradesh  (d) Maharashtra  
89. Which road is called NH 2?
(a) Bombay road (b) Barrackpore Trunk Road (c) Delhi Road (d) Grand Trunk Road 
131. Lakshadweep is built up of
(a) Submarine Mountains  (b) Coral (c) Salt soaked   marshland     (d) Extinct volcano
106. The Deccan Lava region was formed during  
(a) Cretsteous period (b) Jurassic period   (c) Tribssic period (d) Cambrian period 
110. Imphal is the capital of                     
(a) Arunachal Pradesh     (b) Manipur          (c) Nagaland         (d) Tripura 
132. Which of the following is not a Union territory of India?
(a) The Andaman and Nicobar Island  (b) Pondicherry (c) Chandigarh (d) Tripura   
142. The difference in local times between the Eastern most and Western most points of India is  
(a) 1 hr. 57 m.     (b) 2 hr.      (c) 1 hr. 30 m.         (d) 2 hr. 15 m. 
150. Hamleted rural settlements are characteristic of    
(a) Madhya Pradesh         (b) Bihar      (c) Punjab     (d) Haryana 
151. The Jarawas live in    
(a) Laccadive         (b) Andaman Islands         (c) Mazuli     (d) Maldives 
161. Titan is                                                   
(a) Saturn’s largest moon     (b) a luxury passenger liner  (c) an ancient city   (d) metallic element 
199. Adams bridge forms a link between
(a)India and Sri Lanka          (b)Hyderabad and Secunderabad 
(c)India and Pakistan          (d)Araballi and Satpura 
37. Ten Degree Channel lies in between
(A) Andaman and Nieobar Islands         (B) South Andaman and Little Andaman Islands
(C) Great Nieobar and Sumatra .Island     (D) Rameswar and Jaffna Prninsula  
95. The number of Million Cities of India in 2001 was   (53 urban agglomerations & 27 cities -2011)
(A) 15     (B) 27     (C) 35     (D) 45  
133. The southernmost point India is
(A) Kanniyakumari   (B) India Point         (C) Dhanushkodi   (D) New Moore Island  
147. Which State of India has two capitals?
(A) Himachal Pradesh  (B) Bihar (C) Uttar Pradesh   (D) Jarnmu and Kashmir  
165. Sikkim became a full-fledged state of India in
(A) 1972    (B) 1975 (C)1976     (D) 1977   
175. The population of a Megalopolis is at least
(A) 1,00,000    (B) 10,00,000 (C) 50,00,000    (D) 1.00,00,000  
194. The National Remote Sensing Agency is located at
(A) Dehardum   (B) Kolkata     (C)Chennai    (D) Hyderabad  
95. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are separated by  
(A) 10° Channel   (B) Duncan Strait  (C) Coco Channel                        (D) Car Nicobar 
99. Total length of the coastal line of India is  (mainland)
(A) 5600 km      (B) 4500 km   (C) 3600 km      (D) 6100 km    
101 .The name ‘Marusthali’ is given to
(A) Decean Trap    (B) Thar Desert     (C) Meghalaya Plateau  (D) Karnataka Plateau 
141. In the areal extent India’s place among the countries of the world is
(A) Second (B) Fourth         (C) Fifth    (D) Seventh  
173. Weight of a man is more 
(A) On the equator   (B) At poles (C) At the centre of the earth       (D) In space  
176. Laccadive Islands are
(A) Coral Islands    (B) Volcanic Islands (C) Oceanic Islands  (D) Elevated part of Submarine iedge  
193. The lowermost layer of atmosphere is
(A) Troposphere    (B) Stratosphere (C) Ionosphere        (D) None of the above 
114. In which Union Terrtory is Kavarti located?
(A) Chandigarh    (B) Andaman and Nicobar Island  (C) Lakshadeep    (D) Daman.   
119. The Durand Line determined the border between:
(A) India and China    (B) India and Afghanistan  (C) India and Bhutan   (D) India and Tibet 
124. India has no common border with
(A) Myannar          (B) Afghanistan      (C) Bangladesh        (D) PRC  
178. The Chattisgarh state was carved out of
(A) Maharashtra       (B) Bihar      (C) UP          (D) Madhya Pradesh 
44. Around the solstices twilight lasts from sunset to sunrise in
     (A) equatorial regions  (B) tropical regions (C) high latitudes   (D) mid latitudes 
87. There is no local time at
(A) London    (B) North and South Poles (C) International Date Line (D) Magnetic Poles of Earth
96. The tribals of Southern India are
(A) Negritos    (B) Proto-Astraloids         (C) Mongoloids   (D) Caucasoids     
159. The state with the maximum length of roads is
(A) Tamil Nadu    (B) U.P.      (C) Karnataka          (D) Maharashtra 
168. What term is given to sandy deserts with their characteristic sand dune landscape?
(A) reg     (B) Erg  (C) hamada        (D) bad land 
170. The Earth’s magnetic field
(A) never changes                 (B) has reversed itself many times
(C) is centered exactly at the Earth’s centre     (D) originates in a permanently magnetized iron core 
63. The international boundary between India and Pakistan passes through.
(A)  Gujarat, Rajasthan, Panjab and J & K
(B)  Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat
(C)  Punjab and Rajasthan            
(D)  Punjab and J & K  
94. The Durand Line determined the border between
(A)  India & China  
(B)  India & Afghanistan
(C)  India & Bhutan  
(D)  India & Tibet 
97. Period of revolution is exactly 12 years for
(A)  Mars  (687 days)  
(B)  Jupiter  
(C)  Saturn (29.5)   
(D)  Uranus  (84)
98. Corrosion is a form of _______erosion.
(A)  Mechanical   
(B)  Chemical 
(C)  Biological   
(D)  Biophsical
99. Lines Joining places with same total transport cost are called
(A)  Isotims    
(B) Isodapane (Weber theory) 
(C)  Isochrones   
(D)  Isopheths 
101. Ten degree channel separates
(A)  China & Taiwan 
(B)  Andaman & Nicobar
(C)  Nicobar & Sumatra 
(D)  Java & Bali