Physics & Technology – WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

Physics, Technology WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

WBCS Preliminary Question – 2023

38. For a floating body to be in stable equilibrium, where should its centre of buoyancy be located?

(A) At the centre of gravity

(B) Above the centre of gravity

(C) Below the centre of gravity

(D) It may anywhere


48. An iron ball is heated. The percentage increase will be largest in

(A) density

(B) surface area

(C) diameter

(D) volume


65. A drop of water is broken into two drops. The sum of which property of the drops is equal to that of the single one?

(A) Radius

(B) Surface area

(C) Surface energy

(D) Volume


73. A metallic ball has a spherical cavity at its centre. If the ball is heated what happens to the cavity?

(A) Its volume decreases.

(B) Its volume increases.

(C) Its volume remains unchanged.

(D) Its volume may increase or decrease depending upon the nature of the metal.


144. Combine three resistors 5Ω, 4.5Ω and 3Ω in such a way that the total resistance of this combination is maximum with value

(A) 12.5 Ω

(B) 13.5 Ω

(C) 14.5 Ω

(D) 16.5 Ω


146. A bird is sitting in a wire cage hanging from the spring balance. Let the reading of the spring balance be W1. If the bird flies about inside the cage, the reading of the spring balance becomes W2. Which of the following is true?

(A) W1 > W2

(B) W1 < W2

(C) W1 = W2

(D) W1 = 1/W2


162. The density of water at 20°C is 998 kgm³ and that at 40°C is 992 kgm³ . The coefficient of the cubical expansion of water is

(A) 2 × 10-4 °C-1

(B) 6 × 10-4 °C-1

(C) 3 × 10-4 °C-1

(D) 4 × 10-4 °C-1


174. The efficiency of a Carnot engine working between 227°C and 27°C is

(A) 100%

(B) 50%

(C) 40%

(D) 20%



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2022

104. The radiation carrying maximum energy

(A) UV rays

(B) Gamma rays

(C) X-rays

(D) IR rays


128. Which quantity is increased in step-down transformer?

(A) Voltage

(B) Current

(C) Wattage

(D) Frequency


185. A particle is moving a uniform circular motion with constant speed V along a circle of radius r. The acceleration of the particle is

(A) Zero

(B) v/r

(C) v/r2

(D) v2/r




WBCS Preliminary Question – 2021

31. A boat floating in a tank is carrying some passengers. If the passengers drink water from the tank, how will it affect the water level of the tank ?

(A) It will go down.

(B) It will rise.

(C) It will depend on the atmospheric pressure.

(D) It will remain same.


32. Pure silicon at 0 K is

(A) semiconductor     

(B) metal      

(C) insulator     

(D) superconductor


39. Ratio of the rms speed and the most probable speed for molecules in an ideal gas is

(A) 3 : 2     

(B) 1 : 3      

(C) 3 : 2     

(D) 2 : 3


49. Hydraulic press is based on

(A) Archimedes law     

(B) Pascal’s law     

(C) Reynold’s law     

(D) Bernouli’s law


63. The freezing chest in refrigerator is kept near the top because

(A) it is convenient to use

(B) it reduces cost

(C) it cools the remaining space by the process of conduction

(D) convection currents are set up


69. The solar cooker works on the same principle as

(A) Bolometer    

(B) Pyrometer     

(C) Greenhouse     

(D) Solar PV cell


71. In terms of thermal conductivity (k) and electrical conductivity (δ), diamond has

(A) low k and high δ     

(B) high k and low δ     

(C) high k and high δ    

(D) low k and low δ


78. A battery consists of 10 cells, each of emf 1V. If 2 cells are wrongly connected, the emf of the battery becomes

(A) 8V     

(B) 10V      

(C) 6V     

(D) 12V


82. The binary equivalent of decimal number 4.625 is

(A) 100.001     

(B) 100.110        

(C) 100.101     

(D) 100.011

86. A person on a swing stands up. The time period of the swing

(A) increases    

(B) remains the same     

(C) decreases     

(D) becomes zero


97. The power of a lens is +2.0D. The focal length of the lens and its nature are

(P = 1/f)

(A) 50 cm, concave     

(B) 50 cm, convex    

(C) 100 cm, convex    

(D) 100 cm, concave


101. A heavy body and a light body have equal kinetic energy. Then

(A) heavy body has greater momentum.

(B) light body has greater momentum.

(C) both have equal momentum.

(D) both have the same angular momentum.


111. The spectrum of color in Compact Disc (CD) is due to

(A) Refraction   

(B) Reflection     

(C) Diffraction     

(D) Polarization


121. A pendulum clock that keeps correct time on the earth, is taken to the moon. It will then run

(A) at correct rate.     

(B) 6 times faster.    

(C) 6 times faster.      

(D) 6 times slower.


123. A spring of spring constant k is cut into two equal halves. The spring constant of each half is now

(F = kl)

(A) k      

(B) k/2     

(C) 2k     

(D) 4k


149. The waves produced by motor boat sailing on water are

(A) transverse     

(B) longitudinal      

(C) longitudinal and transverse    

(D) stationary


162. Dilatometer is used for the measurement of

(A) electrical energy    

(B) mechanical energy     

(C) dimensional change in material    

(D) thermal energy



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2020

40. Sir C. V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize for his work connected with which of the following phenomenon of radiation?
(1930, 1st Asian in science)
(A) Scattering
(B) Diffraction
(C) Interference
(D) Polarizatio
77. Identify the vector quantity from the following:
(A) Heat
(B) Angular momentum
(C) Time
(D) Work
88. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named
(1 fermi = 10−15 m)
(A) Fermi
(B) Angstrom
(C) Newton
(D) Tesla
123. Superconductors are substances which
(A) conduct electricity at a lower temperature.
(B) offer high resistance to the flow of current.
(C) offer no resistance to the flow of current.
(D) conduct electricity at high temperature.
124. Speed of sound is the maximum In
(A) vacuum
(B) gases
(C) liquids
(D) solids
140. Radiocarbon dating technique is used to estimate the age of
(14C : radio-isotope)
(A) rocks
(B) monuments
(C) soil
(D) fossils
165. The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves
(A) viscosity of Ink
(B) capillary action
(C) diffusion of Ink
(D) siphon action
(A) Infrared frequency
(B) Radio frequency
(C) Visible frequency
(D) Ultraviolet frequency


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2019

129. A bomb is dropped at a point from a moving airplane. The pilot observes that
(projectile motion)
(A) the bomb traverses a curved path and falls some distance behind that point.
(B) the bomb traverses a curved path and falls some distance ahead.
(C) the bomb drops vertically downward.
(D) the bomb remains stationary in the air for some time.
(A) poor emitters    
(B) non-emitters      
(C) good emitters      
(D) highly polished
133. Ventilators are provided at the top of the room
(A) to bring oxygen for breathing.
(B) so that sunlight may enter the room.
(C) to maintain convectional currents to keep the air fresh in the room.
(D) to provide an outlet for carbon dioxide.
134. Voice of your friend can be recognized by its
(A) pitch     
(B) quality    
(C) intensity     
(D) velocity
135. Light year is
(9 trillion km)
(A) light emitted by sun in one year.
(B) time taken by light to travel from Sun to Earth.
(C) the distance travelled by light in free space in one year.
(D) time taken by earth to go once around the Sun.
136. Twinkling of stars is on account of
(turbulence in atmosphere)
(A) large distance of stars and storms in air.
(B) rotation of the earth.
(C) large size of stars.
(D) large distance of stars and fluctuations in the density of air
144. Two cars, passing each other at high speed, are in danger of side-swiping because
(Bernoulli’s Equation)
(A) of the increase in air pressure in the space between them.
(B) of decrease in the velocity of air molecules between them.
(C) of decrease in air pressure in the space between them.
(D) of the increase in the velocity of air molecules between them.
148. Noise pollution is created if noise is in excess to
(A) 70-75 dB       
(B) 50-60 dB       
(C) 80-99 dB      
(D) 40-65 dB
150. At magnetic poles, the angle of dip is
(A) 45°      
(B) 30°      
(C) Zero     
(D) 90°


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2018

54. All electromagnetic wave have the same
(James Clerk Maxwell)
(a) Frequency
(b) amplitude
(c) wavelength in vacuum
(d) speed in vacuum
58. The speed of sound is faster in
(a) solids
(b) liquids
(c) gases
(d) vacuum
66. If we add salt to pure water, its boiling point will
(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c) remains same
(d) None of the above
74. Short-sight defect could be corrected by a
(a) Convex lens
(b) Concave Lens
(c) Converging lens
(d) None of the above
(a) White
(b) Black
(c) Maroon
(d) Blue
109.  A combination of 16 bits is called
(a) word
(b) nibble
(c) memory block
(d) byte
113. A stone tied to a string is whirled in a circle . As it was revolving, the rope suddenly snaps. Then
(Centripetal Force)
(a) The stone flies off tangentially
(b) The stone moves radially outward
(c) The stone moves radially inward
(d) None of the above
119. A body is floating in a liquid partly immersed. The body and the liquid are taken to moon. The body
(a) will continue to float as before
(b) floats with a greater part immersed
(c) floats with lesser part immersed
(d) will sink
123. USB is which type of storage device?
(a) Primary
(b) Secondary
(c) Tertiary
(d) None of the above
130. Which among the following is commonly used language in Android applications?
(a) Java
(b) C++
(c) C
(d) PHP
135. Errors in computer programme is called
(9 Sept 1947)
(a) Spam
(b) Follies
(c) Virus
(d) Bugs


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2017

(1 Å = 10-10 meters)
(A) 10 A
(B) 100 A
(C) 10 micron.
(D) 01 mm A
44.  RADAR stands for
(A) Radio Detection and Ranging
(B) Ready Advanced Appliance for Ranging
(C) Range Detection Appliance Ranging
(D) Ready Advanced Airplane Ranging
45. A body is acted upon by two unequal forces in opposite directions, but not in one line. The effect is that the will have
(A) only rotational motion
(B) only translational motion
(C) neither the rotational nor the translational motion
(D) rotational as well as translational motion
46. A shaving brush is dipped in water. When taken out the hairs of the brush are seen to be drawn together due to
(Water = 0.072 N/m)
(A) surface tension of water
(B) viscosity of water
(C) elasticity of hair of the brush
(D) temperature difference between air and water
47. Red is used as a danger signal because
(wavelength 620-750 nm)
(A) blood is red
(B) red light is scattered least by the air molecules
(C) red colour is easily available
(D) red colour is soothing for eye
48.  The immersed portion of a piece of pure ice floating on water is
(A) 8/9th of its volume
(B) 9/10th of its volume
(C) 10/12th of volume
(D) 11/12th of volume
49. The electric appliances in a house are connected
(A) in series
(B) in parallel
(C) either in series or in parallel
(D) both in series and in parallel


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2016

(1895, Wilhelm Röntgen, Germany )
(A) electromagnetic radiations of very short wavelength
(B) beams of electrons
(C) electromagnetic radiations of very long wavelength
(D) visible to the naked eye
82.  Astronomy means study of the —
(A) Moon      
(B) Stars
(C) Sky        
(D) Sun
83.  Water rises up a capillary tube because of—
(A) Elasticity       
(B) Surface tension
(C) Viscosity       
(D) its density
85.  The image formed by a plane mirror is —
(A) real and erect      
(B) virtual and inverted
(C) virtual and erect
(D) real and inverted
88.  The energy radiated by the Sun is because of—
(A) Nuclear fusion
(B) Nuclear fission      
(C) Radioactive decay      
(D) Photo-electric effect
91.  With increase in temperature the resistance of a pure semiconductor —
(A) first increases and then decreases       
(B) remains the same
(C) increases        
(D) decreases
94.  Which of the following is not a conservative force ?
(A) Gravitational force       
(B) Frictional force
(C) Electrostatic force     
(D) Magneto static force
105.  The heat of the sun reaches us by —
(A) Conduction        
(B) Convection        
(C) Radiation
(D) None of the above


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2015

85.  The solar cooker works on the same principle as
(A) Bolometer        
(B) Pyrometer        
(C) Greenhouse
(D) Galvanometer
88. Hydraulic press is based on
(Joseph Bramah, 1795)
(A) Archimedes’ law        
(B) Pascal’s law
(C) Reynold’s law       
(D) Bernouli law
91. LED stands for
(A) Light emitting device      
(B) Light emitting diode
(C) light encapsulated device    
(D) light emitting dots
94.   At what temperature, Celsius and Fahrenheit readings will be same ?
(A) + 40°      
(B) + 20°     
(C) – 20°       
(D) – 40°
105.  When a ball is taken from the equator to the pole of the earth
(A) Its mass increases     
(B) Both its mass and weight change
(C) Its weight increases
(D) Its weight decreases


157.  Satellites provide information about

(A) Forest and vegetative cover       

(B) Rivers and their courses

(C) Advancing storms and cyclones       

(D) All of the above



WBCS Preliminary Question – 2014

(A) two lenses
(B) requires UV light source
(C) used to view only dead organisms      
(D) requires large room space
92.  Among the following select the odd one
(A) Metre      
(B) Furlong        
(C) Acre
(D) Mile
107.  Which of the rays is most dangerous  ?
(Paul Villard, 1900)
(A) Alpha ray      
(B) Beta ray        
(C) Gamma ray
(D) X-ray
115.   RADAR is used for
(Radio Detection And Ranging)
(A) locating submerged submarines.
(B) receiving signals in a radio receiver.
(C) locating geostationary satellites.
(D) detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplanes.
119.   Sound waves in the air are
(mechanical wave)
(A) Transverse       
(B) Longitudinal
(C) Electromagnetic      
(D) Polarized
123.   LCD stands for
(A) Liquid Crystal Display
(B) Low Current Display
(C) Light Circuit Display      
(D) None of the above
142. Basically domestic electric wiring is a
(same voltage)
(A) parallel connection
(B) series connection
(C) combination of series and parallel connections      
(D) None of the above


149.  The heat required to raise the temperature of a body by 1 K is called

(Heat capacity)

(A) Specific heat       

(B) Thermal capacity

(C) Water equivalent      

(D) None of the above

171.  Optical fiber works on the
(A) Principle of Refraction       
(B) Total Internal Reflection
(C) Scattering      
(D) Reflection


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2013

26.  Dyne-sec, stands for the unit of :
(A) Force
(B) Momentum       
(C) Energy      
(D) Power
30.  For the same Kinetic energy, the momentum shall be maximum for :
(A) Electron     
(B) Proton      
(C) Deuteron       
(D) Alpha particle
34.  An ice cube containing a large bubble of air is floating in water contained in a large beaker. When the ice melts completely, the level of water will :
(A) Remain unchanged
(B) Go down       
(C) Rise       
(D) First rise and then go down
42.  Water is boiling in a flask over a burner. To reduce its boiling temperature one must —
(A) Reduce the surrounding temperature
(B) Connect the mouth of the flask to an evacuating system
(C) Supply heat from a less intense source
(D) Connect the mouth of the flask to a compressor
58.  Instruments can be shielded from the effects of external magnetic fields by surrounding them with —
(ferromagnetic metal)
(A) A glass shield       
(B) A rubber shield
(C) A brass shield     
(D) An iron shield


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2012

62.  The first remote sensing satellite from India was :
(17 Mar 1988, Vostok rocket, Kazakhstan)
(A) P6     
(B) P4       
(C) IRS 1A
69.  Aerial photographs are studied with the help of :
(A) Microscope      
(B) Stereoscope        
(C) Parallax bar
(D) Theodolite
107.  An object moving with a constant speed on a horizontal surface will not have :
(A) Velocity      
(B) Momentum       
(C) Kinetic energy       
(D) Acceleration
111.  Which of the following is not the unit of length ?
(rad is SI unit of angle)
(A) Light year      
(B) Micron       
(C) AU       
(D) Radian
115.  Which surface is good absorber of heat ?
(A) White rough surface       
(B) Black rough surface
(C) White smooth surface     
(D) Black smooth surface
119.  Absolute Zero temperature is that temperature where :
( -273.15° C = 0 Kelvin)
(A) Water freezes to ice         
(B) All molecules of water comes to rest
(C) All matter stays in the solid state
(D) Kinetic and potential energies of the molecules become equal to each other
123.  A clear piece of glass immersed in a glycerol cannot be seen separately because in comparison to the refractive index of glycerol, the refractive index of glass is :
(glycerol = 1.47, Glass = 1.5)
(A) Greater         
(B) Lesser        
(C) Nearly equal
(D) This does not depend on the refractive index
130. Gold has an extraordinarily high density than silver, the reason is :
(G = 19.3 g/cc, S = 10.49 g/cc)
(A) Higher mass number of gold
(B) Higher atomic number of gold
(C) High screening effect        
(D) Lanthanide contraction
142.  When a positively charged conductor is earthed, then –
(A) Electrons flow from conductor to earth       
(B) Protons flow from conductor to earth
(C) Electrons flow from earth to conductor
(D) Protons flow from earth to conductor
149.  Which of the following waves is used for telecommunication ?
(300 MHz to 300 GHz)
(A) Infra-red rays     
(B) Ultra violet rays       
(C) Microwaves
(D) X-rays


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2011

26.  An example of a scalar quantity is 
(no direction)
(A) Velocity      
(B) Force      
(C) Momentum        
(D) Energy
34.  A piece of metal plate with a circular hole is heated. If the metal plate expands on heating, the diameter of the hole will
(A) Increase
(B) Decrease
(C) Increase or decrease depending on the diameter of the hole
(D) Increase or decrease depending upon the material of the plate
35.  The volume of a vessel containing an ideal gas is doubled and its temperature (in °K) is also doubled. The pressure of the gas
(A) Remains unchanged
(B) Is doubled
(C) Is one-fourth of the original pressure
(D) Is four times the original pressure
54.  A spring has length l and spring constant K. It is cut into two pieces of lengths l1 and l2 . If l1 = nl2 , the spring constant of the spring of length l1 is
(A) K(l + n) / n
(B) K(l + n)       
(C) Kn / (l + n)      
(D) K / (l + n)
55.  Two copper wires A and B have the same weight and the radius of B is half that of A. The ratio RA/RB of their resistances is
(Specific Resistance)
(A) 1/4       
(B) 1/8       
(C) 1/16
(D) 1/2
70.  The nuclear reaction involved in a nuclear reactor is
(A) Fission
(B) Fusion       
(C) Spallation      
(D) Neutron absorption
71.  Dimension of gravitational constant is
(G = 6.674×10−11 m3 s-2 kg-1)
(A) cm 4 sec-1 gm-2
(B) cm sec-3 gm-2
(C) cm 3 sec-2 gm-1
(D) gm cm-3 sec-2
75.  The minimum distance between an object and its real image in a convex lens is
(A) More than 4f      
(B) Less than 4f        
(C) Equal to 2f       
(D) Equal to 4f
154.  Lowest rate of photosynthesis takes place in
(A) Blue light      
(B) Orange light       
(C) Green light
(D) Red light


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2010

28.  Rate of radiation of heat from a body is the highest if its surface is
(A) White       
(B) Smooth       
(C) Smooth but black       
(D) Rough but black
38.  The minimum number of artificial satellites required for communication throughout the globe is
(A) 1     
(B) 2       
(C) 3
(D) 4
56.  A tube-well will not work if the depth of water below the ground is
(A) 20 ft.     
(B) 25 ft.     
(C) 28 ft.      
(D) 38 ft.
62.  Consider the following statement
1. Definition of force is obtained from Newton’s first law of motion.
2. Definition of force is obtained from Newton’s second law of motion.
3. In a house-hold wiring the appliances are connected in series.
4. The picture-tube of television is basically a cathode ray tube.
(A) Only 1 is correct      
(B) Only 2 is correct
(C) Only 2 and 4 are correct       
(D) Only 1 and 4 are correct
76.  Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by a
(A) Thermostat        
(B) Motor
(C) Dynamo       
(D) Rectifier
80.  A piece of cotton cloth gets wet if one end of it is dipped in water in a glass. This is due to
(A) Gravitation        
(B) Viscosity        
(C) Elasticity         
(D) Capillarity
185.  Same force is applied to two bodies A and B of masses m and 5 m respectively for the same time. Then
(momentum = mass X velocity)
(A) Velocity of A and B will be same        
(B) Momentum of A and B will be same
(C) Momentum of A will be greater        
(D) Momentum of B will be greater


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2009

30.  The weight of an object is
(A) Maximum at the centre of the earth
(B) Maximum at infinity
(C) Maximum at the surface of the earth
(D) Name everywhere from the center of the earth to infinity
38.  A small quantity of water is placed in a small cavity made in a block of ice at 0°C. What will happen to the water ?
(A) The water will freeze to ice at 0°C
(B) There will be no change in the temperature of water
(C) The temperature of water will decrease to 0°C but it will not freeze
(D) The water will freeze to ice if the block of ice is large compared to the mass of water
42.  The walls of a music hall should
(A) Transmit sound       
(B) Absorb sound
(C) Reflect sound      
(D) Amplify sound
45.  The electromagnetic radiation that is emitted during the radio-active disintegration is
(A) X-rays       
(B) y-rays
(C) Ultraviolet rays      
(D) Infra-red rays


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2008

101. The resistance of which of the following decreases with the rise of temperature ?
(A) Copper
(B) Iron
(C) Silicon
(D) Mercury
111. The weight of a body on the surface of the earth is 10 kg. Its weight at the center of the earth is
(A) 0 kg
(B) 5 kg
(C) 10 kg
(D) Infinite
(A) Phi-phenomenon
(B) Autokinetic effect
(C) Saccadic movement
(D) Purkinje shift
121. The resistance of a 200 V-100 W bulb is
(A) 400
(B) 400 only when it is connected to 200 volt mains
(C) 400 when it is not glowing
(D) 2
131. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for
(A) Photoelectric equation
(B) Special theory of relativity
(C) General theory of relativity
(D) Explanation of Brownian motion
141. Which one of the following is not an electromagnetic wave?
(A) Radio wave
(B) X-ray
(C) Visible light
(D) Sound wave
151. Two ends of tube is closed by corks so that the tube becomes airtight. The pressure of air inside the closed tube is
(A) Very small
(B) Slightly less than the atmospheric pressure
(C) Equal to the atmospheric pressure
(D) Dependent on the length of the tube
(A) Red, green, blue, yellow
(B) Red, blue, green
(C) Yellow, blue, red, grey
(D) None of the above
161. The view finder of a motor car is a
(A) Plane mirror
(B) Concave mirror
(C) Convex mirror
(D) Convex lens


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2007

50. When a body is lifted by hand, what type of work is performed by hand?
(A) First type of lever
(B) Second type of lever
(C) Third type lever
(D) Simple machine
73. The screen of a cinema hall is always white and rough. Because light rays of all colours falling on the screen suffer
(diffused reflection)
(A) Total absorption
(B) Total reflection
(C) Refraction
(D) Scattering
167. At what temperature, mass of pure water of volume 1 cubic centimetre is 1 gm?
(A) 0°C
(B) 100°C
(C) 4°C
(D) 10°C
152. The motion of which particle through a metallic wire is called electric current ?
(A) Electron
(B) Positron
(C) Neutron
(D) Photon
180. When a loaded and an empty trucks of identical specifications are moving with same velocity, more force is required to stop the loaded truck. Which of the following laws is proved by this action?
(A) Newton’s first law of motion
(B) Newton’s second law of motion
(C) Newton’s third law of motion
(D) Gravitational law
79. Materials like Germanium and Silicon are called
(a) Insulators
(b) Conductors
(c) Metals
(d) Semi-conductors
85. When a body is raised upwards from the surface of the earth, its weight shall
(a) Increase
(b) Remain same
(c) Decrease
(d) Fluctuate


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2006

32. Two balls at the same temperature collide. What is conserved?
(a) Temperature
(b) Velocity
(c) Linear momentum
(d) Kinetic energy
76. What kind of energy works when a watch spring is wound up?
(a) Kinetic energy
(b) Potential energy
(c) Electrical energy
(d) Magnetic energy
111. The surface of water in a lake is going to freeze. The temperature of water at the bottom is
(a) 0°C
(b) Less than 4°C
(c) 4°C
(d) More than 4°C
126. The value of acceleration due to gravity at higher altitudes
(a) Decreases
(b) Increases
(c) Remains constant
(d) None of the above
127. The nature of motion of a sewing machine is
(a) Circular motion
(b) Translational motion
(c) Oscillatory motion
(d) Rotational motion
141. 75% of a radioactive element decays in 6 hours. Its half-life period is
(a) 2 hours
(b) 4 hours
(c) 4 hours
(d) 3 hours
165. When the angle of incidence is equal to the critical angle for the media, the angle of refraction is
(a) 0°
(b) 90°
(c) 45°
(d) angle of incidence
180. The process of joining two or more blocks of ice by pressing each other is called
(a) Refrigeration
(b) Radiation
(c) Revelation
(d) None of the above


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2005

37. Which one of these is not a measuring instrument?
(a) Barometer
(b) Thermometer
(c) Picometer   (unit of length)
(d) Hygrometer
103. Both ends of the tube of a Telescope have
(a) convex lens
(b) concave lens
(c) piano convex lens
(d) piano concave lens
130. Dentists use
(a) Special Mirror
(b) Plane Mirror
(c) Concave Mirror
(d) Convex Mirror
168. X-ray fails to pass through
(a) Flesh
(b) Bone
(c) Iron
(d) Gold


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2004

27. The temperature of two bodies being equal means
(A) Their heat contents are the same
(B) When they are brought in contact there will be no exchange of heat
(C) Their heat capacities are the same
(D) Their specific heats are the same
31. If the length and cross-section of a wire are both doubled the resistance will
(A) increased 8 times
(B) decreases 4 times
(C) increase twice
(D) remain unchanged
40. In simple harmonic motion the kinetic energy
(A) is never zero
(B) becomes zero twice in every period
(C) is zero in the mean position
(D) is always constant
51. 10 gm. of ice at 0°C is mixed with 10 gm of water at 10°C. The temperature of the mixture will be
(A) 1°C
(B) 5°C
(C) 10°C
(D) 0°C
52. The specific resistance of a conductor depends on its
(A) length
(B) width
(C) temperature
(D) shape of the cross-section
54. When a ship enters the sea from a river, it floats up because
(A) Sea water is warmer
(b) the speed of the ship on the sea is greater
(c) the density of the river water is greater
(d) salt water of the sea is denser
65. A raindrop falls with a uniform velocity
(A) its potential energy remains constant
(B) its mechanical energy is constant
(C) its mechanical energy is transferred of the atmosphere
(D) the total energy of the drop and air drop and air decays
70. Mass of a body is defined by the following quantity
(A) velocity/acceleration
(B) applied force/velocity
(C) applied force/acceleration
(D) applied force/increased in momentum .
72. The period of rotation of an artificial earth satellite
(A) depends on its distance from the earth’s surface
(B) is proportional to its distance from the earth’s centre
(C) is inversely proportional to its mass
(D) 24 hours

82. The only vector quantity among the following is
(A) electric charge
(B) electric potential
(C) electric field intensity 
(D) electric resistance
86. If a magnet is moved fast toward a coil, the induced electromotive force does not depend on
(A) the number of turns of the coil
(B) pole strength of the magnet
(C) the speed of the magnet
(D) the resistance of the coil
89. In a p-type semiconductor, which is the main carrier of electricity?
(A) Positive holes
(B) positive ions
(C) Electrons
(D) Negative ions
98. A ball is dropped from a given height. If its collision with the ground is fully elastic, it will reach a height
(A) less than before
(B) same as before
(C) more than before
(D) height will not depend on elasticity
100. Of the following which is different from the others?
(A) Cathode rays
(B) Photo electrons
(C) X-rays
(D) Thermal electrons
105. The current on a 100W, 220V electric bulb is
(I = P / V)
(A) 2.2 amp.
(B) 1.1 amp.
(C) 5/11 amp.
(D) 22000 amp.
136. If red light used to illuminate a green leaf and a red flower, it will appear as
(A) Green leaf and red flower
(B) Red leaf and red flower
(C) Black leaf and red flower
(D) Black leaf and black flower
137. The magnetic length of a bar magnet means
(A) its total length
(B) The distance between its two poles
(C) its width
(D) the distance of a pole from the centre
148. A rocket leaves the earth, lands on the moon and returns to earth. It will require the maximum energy to
(A) rise from the earth
(B) land on the moon
(C) rise from the moon
(D) land on the earth

149. The production of shadow proves that
(A) light travels approximately in straight lines
(B) light is an electromagnetic wave
(C) light is a type of particle
(D) light does not diffract
159. A bimetallic strip of iron and brass bends while heated because
(A) iron and brass have different specific heats
(B) their coefficients of linear expansion are different
(C) While heated their temperatures become different
(D) iron and brass become soft when heated
171. A piece of stone to a string is being rotated in a vertical plane with constant angular velocity. The tension of the string will be maximum when
(A) the stone is in the highest position
(B) the stone is in the lowest position
(C) the string is horizontal
(D) the tension is always the same
172. A magnifying glass or a simple microscope produces a
(A) magnified real image
(B) virtual image near the eye, having the same size as the object
(C) magnified virtual image
(D) diminished virtual image
191. Which of the following colours does not match the sequence?
Violet, Brown, Green, Red
(A) Green
(B) Red
(C) Brown
(D) Violet


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2003

73. Viscosity of a liquid
(A) Increases with increase in temperature
(B) Decreases with increase in temperature
(C) Independent of temperature
(D) Decreases with increase in pressure
113. Which one will you use to correct myopic vision ?
(A) Sphero-cylindrical lens
(B) Concave lens of suitable focal length
(C) Convex lens of proper power
(D) Convex spectacle lens of suitable focal length
133. Which one of the following is the weakest force?
(A) Gravitational Force
(B) Electromagnetic force
(C) Nuclear force
(D) Electrostatic force
143. What is increased in the step-down transformer?
(A) Voltage
(B) Current
(C) Wattage
(D) Current density
163. When water cools from 7°C to 1°C –
(A) It contracts only
(B) It expands only
(C) It first contracts and then expands
(D) It first expands and then contracts
183. Blue colour of the sky is due to
(A) Reflection
(B) Refraction
(C) Scattering
(D) Dispersal


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2002

71. With an ordinary balance we measure
(A) Volume
(B) Mass
(C) Weight
(D) Density
96. A simple microscope was first invented by
(A) Robert Hook
(B) Leeuwenhoek
(C) Purkinje
(D) Robert Brown
164. Some automobiles have additional yellow head lights. This is so because
(A) Yellow light consumes less power
(B) Yellow light does not produce dazzling effect in the eyes of the pedestrians
(C) Yellow light is able to penetrate fog, thus it is able to illuminate the road better in foggy nights
(D) The automobile looks more imposing with yellow head lights.


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2001

51. Select the best response:
One should wear coloured dress in winter because
(A) they look colourful
(B) they are cheaper
(C) they absorb heat
(D) it is easy to wash them
58. An iron ball and a wooden ball of the same mass are released from a height in air. Neglecting viscous drag of air
(A) iron ball will hit the ground earlier
(B) wooden ball will hit the ground earlier
(C) there is equal probability for the wooden and iron ball to hit the ground earlier
(D) both will reach the ground at the same time
67. A glass bulb is balanced by a brass weight on a sensitive beam balance. Now the balance is covered by a bell-jar which is then evacuated :
(A) the beam will continue to remain horizontal
(B) the pan containing the bulb will go up
(C) the pan containing the bulb will go up or down depending on the degree of vacuum produced
(D) the pan containing the bulb will go down
89. The emf of a cell does not depend on
(A) the size of the cell
(B) the material of cathode
(C) the material of anode
(D) electrolyte used


WBCS Preliminary Question – 2000

22. The weight of an iron ball on earth is 12 Kg. Its weight on moon will be
(A) 18kg.
(B) 9 kg.
(C) 12 kg.
(D) 2 kg.
26. A red rose when seen in green light appears
(A) Red in colour
(B) Green in colour
(C) White in colour
(D) Black in colour
27. In International System of Units (S.I) number of supplementary units is
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) Many
28. A balloon filled with hydrogen bursts on reaching high altitude because.
(A) Pressure inside balloon becomes less
(B) Pressure inside balloon becomes more
(C) Surface of the balloon gets melted
(D) It is a natural phenomenon
29. X-rays are
(A) Electromagnetic Wave
(B) Electromagnetic wave of short wavelength
(C) None of the above
(D) Electromagnetic wave of long wavelength
32. A man presses the earth least when he is
(A) Standing
(B) Siting
(C) Running
(D) Lying flat
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