Science – WB Police SI Previous Year Question Paper

Science – WB Police SI Previous Year Question Paper

Science - WB Police SI Previous Year Question Paper

WB Police SI Question Paper – 2021

1. The process of cell division in Amoeba is termed as

(A) Mycosis

(B) Amitosis

(C) Mitosis

(D) Meiosis


9. Torr is the unit of

(A) Momentum

(B) Pressure

(C) Work

(D) Force


10. Which of the following is not a bacteria related disease?

(A) Pneumonia

(B) Typhoid

(C) Influenza

(D) Diphtheria


12. Which of the following is known as Mixed gland?

(A) Liver

(B) Thyroid

(C) Pancreas

(D) Pituitary


15. If height of Mercury in a Barometer decreases rapidly it denotes

(A) chances of Sunny weather

(B) chances of storm

(C) chances of clean weather

(D) chances of rain


20. Which of the following is a browser to access Dark Web?

(A) ios

(B) Google Chrome

(C) Tor

(D) Linux


33. In human body blood does not clot in

(A) Capillary

(B) Artery

(C) Brain

(D) Vein


40. Using duplicate application to collect user password is called

(A) Stalking

(B) Bullying

(C) E-bombing

(D) Phishing


50. What is ‘Fire Ice’?

(A) Propene Hydrate

(B) Methane Hydrate

(C) Methylene Hydrate

(D) Ethane Hydrate


94. Which temperature in Celsius scale represents Absolute Zero Temperature?

(A) -237.15°C

(B) -273.15°C

(C) -373.15°C

(D) 0°C




WB Police SI Question Paper – 2019

1. What does one study in Palaeontology?

(A) Plant and Animal Fossils

(B) Volcanoes

(C) Atmosphere

(D) Rocks


2. Newton’s first law of motion is also known as

(A) constancy principle

(B) principle of relativity

(C) causality principle

(D) principle of inertia


6. Diamond is hard because

(A) it is made up of carbon atoms.

(B) all the four valence electrons are bonded to each carbon atom by covalent bonds.

(C) it cannot be burnt.

(D) it is a giant molecule.


9. The Law of Natural Selection is associated with

(A) Darwin

(B) Mendel

(C) Dalton

(D) J. B. S. Halden


10. Which of the following is needed by a person suffering from diabetes?

(A) Penicillin

(B) Streptomycin

(C) Insulin

(D) Steroids


11. The chief constituent of ‘Gobar Gas‘ is

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Methane

(C) Ethane

(D) Hydrogen


41. Which one of the following units is not a unit of electrical measurement?

(A) Coulomb

(B) Siemen

(C) Angstrom

(D) Ohm


44. Cow milk is a rich source of

(A) Vitamin-B

(B) Vitamin-D

(C) Vitamin-A

(D) Vitamin-C


48. Which one of the following is an example of nitrogen fixing bacteria?

(A) Eukaryotic

(B) Rhizobium

(C) Azotobacter

(D) Procaryotic


49. The pigment that helps in photosynthesis

(A) Chromatophore

(B) Leucoplasts

(C) Chloroplasts

(D) Chromatoplasts


51. Which of the following is a vector quantity?

(A) Force

(B) Mass

(C) Density

(D) Inertia


54. Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because

(A) resistance power increases.

(B) the ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into vitamin-D

(C) the Infra-red light kills bacteria in the body.

(D) the pigment cells in the skin get stimulated and produce a healthy tan.


73. The sun gets its energy from which of the following?

(A) Nuclear Fission

(B) Photoelectric effect

(C) Chemical Reaction

(D) Nuclear Fusion


74. ‘Athelete’s foot‘, is a disease caused by

(A) Fungi

(B) Protozoa

(C) Bacteria

(D) Nematode


75. The velocity of sound in air (under normal condition) is

(A) 332 m/sec

(B) 3320 m/sec

(C) 30 m/sec

(D) 3200 m/sec


76. The working of a Rocket is based on the principle of

(A) Kepler’s Law

(B) Pascal’s Law

(C) Boyle’s Law

(D) Newton’s Law


77. Which one of the elements is least likely to be found in commercial fertilizers?

(A) Phosphorus

(B) Silicon

(C) Nitrogen

(D) Potassium


78. Which of the following has the highest density?

(A) Coke

(B) Graphite

(C) Charcoal

(D) Diamond


95. All of the following noble gases are present in the atmosphere, except

(A) Helium

(B) Xenon

(C) Argon

(D) Radon


100. Which of the following is not a particle?

(A) Beta

(B) Gamma

(C) Alpha

(D) Delta




WB Police SI Question Paper – 2018

1. Which of the following waves is used for telecommunication?

(A) Microwaves

(B) Ultraviolet rays

(C) Infra-red rays

(D) X-rays


2. ‘Fear of heights’ is termed as :-

(A) Acrophobia

(B) Anglophobia

(C) Ergophobia

(D) Agoraphobia


22. The type of mirror used in the head lamps of cars is the :-

(A) spherical concave mirror

(B) spherical convex mirror

(C) plane mirror

(D) parabolic concave mirror


27. The subject relating to studies of Fossils is :-

(A) Petrology

(B) Paleontology

(C) Paleobotany

(D) Archaeology


52. The science dealing with the study of phenomena at very low temperature is known as:-

(A) Frozenics

(B) Cytogenetics

(C) Refigenics

(D) Cryogenics


53. Insects responsible for transmitting diseases are called :-

(A) Vector

(B) Drones

(C) Transmitter

(D) Conductor


59. Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean?

(A) Chronometer

(B) Odometer

(C) Galvanometer

(D) Fathometer


60. The human skull is made up of _____ number of bones.

(A) 26

(B) 14

(C) 22

(D) 15


81. Who discovered the Polio Vaccine?

(A) Konrad Zuse

(B) Jonas Salk

(C) Louis Pasteur

(D) Eli Whitney


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