Sources of the Indian Constitution


Sources of the Indian Constitution

  • Constitution of India often criticized for borrowing its provisions from other countries.
  • Because of its borrowing nature, it has best features collected from different Continents.
  • Borrowing provisions helped the Constitution to become the collective learning of the humankind.
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar said “Nobody holds any patent rights in the fundamental ideas of the Constitution.”


Sources of the Indian Constitution


Government of India Act of 1935



European Countries

British Constitution


Irish Constitution


Weimar Constitution of Germany

  • Suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency.


Soviet Constitution


French Constitution

Sources of the Indian Constitution


North American Countries

US Constitution


Canadian Constitution



Other Continents

Australian Constitution

  • Concurrent List
  • Freedom of trade commerce and intercourse
  • Joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament.


South African Constitution

  • Procedure for Amendment of the Constitution
  • Election of members of Rajya Sabha.



  • Constitution Procedure established by Law.



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