Computer, Technology & India – WBCS Main Question Paper

Computer, Technology & India - WBCS Main Question Paper
wbcs main science and technology question paper

WBCS Main Question Paper – 2021

46. ‘C-DOT’ functions under which Union Ministry of India?

(Aug 1984)

(A) Ministry of Electronics and IT

(B) Ministry of Science and Technology

(C) Ministry of External Affairs

(D) Ministry of Communication


50. National Institute of Virology is located in


(A) Pune

(B) New Delhi

(C) Mumbai

(D) Hyderabad


52. Where is the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research located?

(25 May 1998)

(A) Kanyakumari

(B) Port Blair

(C) New Delhi

(D) Goa


84. Which Company’s nickname is ‘Big Blue’?


(B) Microsoft

(C) Apple

(D) Cognizant


152. Name the scientist who discovered the ‘Quantum Statistics’.

(A) S. N. Bose

(B) M. N. Saha

(C) J. C. Bose

(D) C. V. Raman



WBCS Main Question Paper – 2019

24. Where is Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre?
(A) Bengaluru
(B) Sriharikota
(C) Baleswar
(D) Thiruvananthapuram
25. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is located in
(A) Kolkata
(B) Kalpakkam
(C) Mumbai
(D) Hyderabad
26. What does ‘CSIR’ stand for?
(A) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
(B) Center for Science and Industrial Research
(C) Center for Share and Investment Ratio
(D) Council for Scientific and Informational Research
129. What is the wavelength of Super High Frequency (SHF) especially used in radar and satellite communication?
(A) 1 m – 10 m
(B) 1 cm – 10 cm
(C) 10 cm – 1 m
(D) 0.1 cm – 1 cm
130. The device used by Banks to automatically read those special numbers on the bottom of the cheques is
132. WAN hardware includes
(A) Multiplexors and routers
(C) Bridger and modems
(D) Removable disc
133. Which one is the first search engine in Internet?
(A) Google
(B) Archie
(C) Altavista
134. Which one programming language is used for artificial intelligence?
(A) C
(B) Java
(C) J2EE
(D) Prolog
135. A dual layer Blue-ray disc can store data upto
(A) 20 GB
(B) 30 GB
(C) 40 GB
(D) 50 GB
189. India’s navigational satellite system is known as
(C) BeiDou
196. Data transmitted or a given amount of time is called
(A) Noise
(B) Power
(C) Frequency
(D) Bandwidth
197. In TV transmission, picture signal is modulated.
(D) Pulse
169. The golden rice contains
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin E
(D) Vitamin D
170. The Btcotton is a transgenic crop with gene transfer from
(A) virus
(B) bacteria
(C) fungi
(D) algae


WBCS Main Question Paper – 2018

42. IC in computer stands for
a) Internal Circuits
b) Integrated Circuits
c) Integrated Current
d) Integrated Charge
108. Which is the first spaceship to orbit the moon?
a) Luna 10  (1966, USSR)
b) Zond-5
c) Lunakhod-1
d) Soyuz-28
128. Which is the India’s first nuclear-powered Submarine?
a) INS Kalvari
b) INS Sindhuraj
c) INS Chakra
d) INS Arihant
139. What is the full form of “ISRO”?
a) Indian Satellite Research Organisation
b) Indian Solar Research Organisation
c) Indian Site Research Organisation
d) Indian Space Research Organisation
179. What is the full form of “VIRUS” ?
(A) Various Information Resources Under Stage
(B) vital Information Resources Under Siege
(C) Various Information Resource Unlimited Storage
(D) Vital Images Reviews Universal Studios
180. What is the full form of “RADAR” ?
(A) Radio Device and Ranging
(B) Region Device and Ranging
(C) Radio Detecting and Ranging
(D) Radio Detect and Ranges



WBCS Main Question Paper – 2017

3. When was India’s first scientific expedition to the South Pole launched ?
(A) February, 2010      
(B) May, 2016      
(C) July, 2010      
(D) June, 2014
5. What, among the following, is India’s first Anit-submarine warfare corvette ?
(A) INS Kamorta
(B) Naval version of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)
(C) INS Shivalik
(D) INS Shakti
10. When was PSLV-C 15 launched successfully ?
(A) January 30, 2011     
(B) June 5, 2011      
(C) July 12, 2010
(D) May 10, 2010
53. A geostationary satellite has an orbital period of
(A) 2 hours       
(B) 6 hours      
(C) 12 hours      
(D) 24 hours
61. An atomic power station is located in
(A) Hyderabad      
(B) Bengaluru        
(C) Kalpakkam
(D) Trivandrum
170. Pasteurization of milk in Dairy farms is conducted by
(Microwave volumetric heating)
(A) Ozone        
(B) UV rays       
(C) Chlorine       
(D) Microwave
185. What is software ?
(A) A type of computer code
(B) A computer language
(C) A set of instructions for your computer
(D) A cover for the computer
186. The operating system is the most common type of ______ software.
(A) System
(B) Communication     
(C) Application     
(D) None of the above

187. A computer cannot boot if it does not have the
(A) compiler      
(B) loader       
(C) operating system
(D) assembler
188.  PARAM was developed by
(A) IIT Kanpur       
(C) IIT Kharagpur      
(D) None of the above
189. For television broadcasting, the frequency range employed normally varies from
(A) 30 – 300 MHz
(B) 30 – 300 GHz      
(C) 30 – 300 kHz      
(D) 30 – 300 Hz
190. Modern communication systems are based on
(A) Analog circuits
(B) Digital circuits
(C) Combination of Ȧ analog and digital circuits
(D) None of the above
191. A transistor is made of
(A) doped semiconductors
(B) intrinsic semiconductors
(C) a metal piece sandwiched between two intrinsic semiconductors
(D) None of the above
193. A carbon microphone is best used in
(A) Dynamo       
(B) Telephone
(C) Transformer      
(D) None of the above
200. The technique used to transmit audio signal in television broadcasting is
(A) amplitude modulation
(B) frequency modulation
(C) pulse code modulation
(D) time division multiplexing


WBCS Main Question Paper – 2016

1. Which one of the following internet protocol version is the most deployed internet layer protocal ?
(A) IPV2        
(B) IPV4
(C) IPV6      
(D) IPV8
2. Which one of the following is the web search engine ?
(A) Aliweb       
(B) Jughead       
(C) Baidu         
(D) All of these
3. Which one of the following persons invented the world’s first digital and programmable robot ?
(A) George Devel
(B) Hisashige Tanaka       
(C) Korel Capek      
(D) Joseph Engel Berger
4. Spam is related to –
(A) Computer
(B) Art       
(C) Music      
(D) Game
5. Junk e-mail is also called –
(A) Spoof        
(B) Spool       
(C) Sniffer Script        
(D) Spam
6. Which one of the following is a set of program instruction that can attach itself to a file, reproduces itself and spread to other file ?
(A) Computer worm         
(B) Computer virus
(C) Trojan horse       
(D) Phishing Scam
7. Which one of the following is the most common picking device of the graphic application ?
(A) Graphic tablet       
(B) Joystick       
(C) Mouse        
(D) Light Pen
9. The frequency band used for radar relay system and television is –
(A) VLF      
(C) VHF      
10. Which of the following satellites is used in ship to shore, shore to shore and shore to ship communication ?
(A) Marisat      (USA, 1973)
(B) Comsat       
(C) Telestar       
(D) Intelsat

22. Which of the following is the first state in India to have 3G services of Telecommunication ?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Bihar       
(C) Uttar Pradesh      
(D) Andhra Pradesh
23. WIMAX is related to which one of the following ?
(A) Biotechnology      
(B) Space Technology     
(C) Missile Technology      
(D) Communication Technology
24. Which of the following is not the term of Information Technology ?
(A) Cyber Space       
(B) Upload       
(C) Modem        
(D) Light Storage
25. Which of the following countries firstly deployed 4G system of mobile telecommunication in world ?
(A) South Korea
(B) Japan       
(C) United States      
(D) England
32. What is the function of the Microsoft office word ?
(A) An operating system
(B) A downloading application software
(C) A word processing software
(D) An input device
33. Which one of the following computer operating system (OS) is the most commonly used in the Top- 500 super computers of the world ?
(A) Unix OS        
(B) Linux OS        
(C) Lisa OS        
(D) Mac OS
34. Which one of the following application is commonly used to prepare a presentation or slide show ?
(A) Photoshop        
(B) Power Point        
(C) Internet explorer       
(D) Outlook express
35. Which one of the following discs is used to cold boot a computer ?
(A) Set up disc       
(B) Program disc       
(C) Diagnostic disc      
(D) System disc
36. Long distance short wave radio broadcasting uses –
(A) Direct wave       
(B) Sky wave
(C) Ionospheric wave      
(D) Ground wave
37. Which one of the following devices has installed Wi-Fi devices in its system ?
(A) Smartphone
(B) Video Game consoles       
(C) Computer Printers    
(D) All of these

38. Which of the following Television display is working on the principle of semiconductor ?
(A) Plasma display      
(B) Liquid Crystal display      
(C) Light-emitting diode display     (LED) 
(D) None of these
39. Who had coined the term television at the first International Electricity congress held in Paris ?
(A) Paul Nipkow        
(B) Constantin Perskyi
(C) J J Thompson       
(D) Henry Patrick
40. Which one of the following sold the world’s first mobile television MTV-1 ?
(A) Clive Sinclair      (UK – 1977)
(B) George Shapiro        
(C) Clive Clinton      
(D) William Gladstone
41. LEC or Light Emitting Electrochemical Cell is a different mode of operation of
(A) LEDS        
(B) CRTS        
(C) LCDS          
42. From which of the following GSM technologies, the LTE (Long Term Evolution) is made to the enhancement of telecommunication ?
(GSM/UMTS & CDMA2000 networks)
(A) Wi Man         
(B) CDMA       
43. Which of the following electromagnetic waves is used by the Bluetooth to exchange data over short distances ?
(A) Microwaves     (0.3 to 300 GHz)   
(B) Radio Waves        
(C) X-rays       
(D) UV-rays
44. Which of the following companies launched the 3G mobile telecommunication for the first time in the world ?
(3G India – MTNL in 2008, 4G – Airtel in 2012)
(A) Nextle in the United States
(B) NTT DoCoMo (Japan)  (1998)
(C) Telus Mobility (Canada)
(D) Bharati Airtel in India
45. Which of the following is the web browser ?
(A) Google Chrome        
(B) Safari       
(C) Opera         
(D) All of these
46. Intelsat satellite is used for –
(operated from 1964 to 2001)
(A) radar communication 
(B) radio communication
(C) Intercontinental communication
(D) None of the above
48. Modem is a device used for –
(A) converting analog signals to digital signals
(B) modulating signals
(C) Either of the above
(D) None of the above


56. Which one of the following displays is not the volatile television display ?
(A) Plasma      
(B) Liquid Crystal Display       
(C) Organic light Emitting Diode
(D) Cholesteric Display
58. Which one of the following computers is the world’s first commercial computer ?
(A) Feffanti Mark-1        
(B) Mark-1 star        
(C) UNIVAC-1      (USA in 1951) 
(D) IBM-704
63. What frequency range of EM waves are used for commercial FM radio ?
(A) 88 MHz to 108 MHz      
(B) 88 GHz to 108 GHz    
(C) 88 kHz to 108 kHz     
(D) None of these
74. Which one of the following languages is not the scripting language ?
(A) Java scripts 
(B) Pytheon 
(C) Perl
(D) Lisp
75, Who is referred to as the ‘Father of SMS’ ?
(A) Jamie Lannister       
(B) Ross Bolton       
(C) Matti Makkonen
(D) None of them
106. Who has created the high level programming language for the first time for computers ?
(A) Konord Lorenz       
(B) Konard Zuse    (1943-45)   
(C) Mario Johnson      
(D) Henry Gladstone
108. Which one of the following computer scientists firstly used the term ‘bits‘ ?
(A) George Jonhansen     
(B) Cliff Berry     
(C) John Atanassoff       
(D) Claude E Shannon
121. Which one of the following memories is not non-volatile computer memory ?
(A) PRAM        
(C) Flash Memory       
(D) Bubble Memory


WBCS Main Question Paper – 2015

4. Which of the following laser types is used in a laser printer
(A) Dye laser
(B) Gas laser
(C) Semiconductor laser
(D) Excimer laser
28. A term associated with comparison of processing speed
(D) None of the above
29. India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is located in
(A) Kerala
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Karnataka
(D) Tamilnadu
30. ‘LASER Printer’ are an example of_____________
(A) Line printers
(B) Dot- Matrix printer
(C) Page Printer
(D) None of the above
31. Encoder is a
(A) Integrated circuit
(B) Digital circuit
(D) IC chips
46. What is the Galileo Project?
(A) An inter-country Program of missile shield developed by the U.S.A
(B) A project developed by India with assistance from Canada
(C) An environmental protection project being developed by Japan
(D) A multi satellite navigation project developed by the European union
48. NASA’s Deep Impact Space Mission was employed to take detailed pictures of which comet nucleus?
(A) Halley’s comet
(B) Hale Bopp
(C) Hyakutake
(D) Tempel-1     (2005)
49. Which one of the following is a spacecraft?
(A) Apohis
(B) Cassini
(C) Spitzer
(D) Tech sar
50. An artificial satellite orbiting around the earth does not fall down because the attraction of earth
(A) does not exist in such distance
(B) Is neutralised by the attraction of the moon
(C) Provides the necessary speed for its steady motion
(D) Provides the necessary acceleration for its motion
151. ‘Eugenics’ is the of _______
(A) People of European origin
(B) Genetics of Plants
(C) Different races of mankind
(D) Altering human beings by changing their genetic components.


WBCS Main Question Paper – 2014

22.  The technique of MRI uses the phenomenon of
(Magnetic resonance imaging)
(A) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
(B) Electron Cyclotron Resonance
(C) Optical Resonance
(D) Microwave Resonance
23.  In Bt Cotton, Bt stands for
(A) Bacillus thermoglucosidasius      
(B) Bacillus thuringiensis
(C) Bacterium tenericutes       
(D) Terminator Bacteria
24.  In computers, the storage medium which cannot usually be modified is known as
(B) RAM       
(C) Hard disk      
(D) Flash drive
25.  The acronym CCD stands for
(A) charge coupled device
(B) control circuit device
(C) credit card device      
(D) configuration control device
26.  The gas that India’s Mars Mission is looking for as evidence of life is
(A) oxygen       
(B) methane
(C) carbon dioxide      
(D) sulphur dioxide
32.  Microwave ovens heat water in food because
(A) water is a polar molecule
(B) the heat capacity of water is high
(C) water flows easily
(D) water molecule is small
34.  The abbreviation ‘http’ stands for
(A) HTML Transfer Technology Process
(B) Hyperspase Terms and Tech Protocol
(C) Hyperspace Techniques Tech Progress
(D) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
35.  The following is not a programming language
(A) C++       
(B) JAVA       
(C) Office Suite
(D) Fortran
37.  The number of bits in a byte is
(A) 2      
(B) 4       
(C) 8
(D)  16
38. The mode in which a digital adder involving logic gates add data is
(A) binary
(B) octal      
(C) decimal       
(D) hexadecimal
87.  MRI stands for
(A) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(B) Magnetic Reflection Imaging
(C) Machine Readable Imaging
(D) Mechanical Reading Instrument
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