Category: WBCS Mains Question Paper

Census & People

WBCS Question Paper – Main – 2017 183. What will be the expected average age of an Indian by the year 2020 ? (A) 24 years    (B) 29 years (C) 34 years    (D) 39 years   186. The child sex ratio in India in the year 2011 was (A) 900        (B) 907 (C) 914        (D)

Resources and Industry

WBCS Question Paper – Mains – 2017 123. ‘Charnockite’ found in India is (A) an igneous rock (B) a sedimentary rock (C) a metamorphic rock (D) an alluvial deposit   141.The city called the ‘Manchester of South India’ is (A) Sholapur (B) Coimbatore (C) Chennai (D)Madurai   142. Huge concentration of heavy engineering is found

Mountain & Forest

WBCS Question Paper – Mains – 2018 122. What should be the proportion of forest cover for India to maintain ecological balance? (A) 11.1% (B) 22.2% (C) 33.3% (D) 44.4%   124. Where is the Bandipur National Park (A) Rajasthan (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Karnataka (D) Assam   125. Where is the Forest Research institute