Geography – WBPSC Food SI Previous Year Question Paper

Geography WBPSC Food SI Previous Year Question Paper

Geography WBPSC Food SI Previous Year Question Paper

Food SI Question Paper – 2019

5. The largest man-made canal in the world is

(A) Rhine Canal

(B) Panama Canal

(C) Suez Canal

(D) None of the above


19. Which of the following rocks is transformed into marbel?

(A) Granite

(B) Limestone

(C) Peat

(D) Shale


23. Which of the following is not a folk dance of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Dhaman

(B) Chhapeli

(C) Mahathu

(D) Dhakoni


37. ‘Ghumar’ is a folk dance of

(A) Gujarat

(B) Punjab

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Tamil Nadu


41. Where is the Indian Council of Agriculture Research located?

(A) Dehradun

(B) Hyderabad

(C) New Delhi

(D) Itanagar


46. Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere occurs on

(A) 22nd December

(B) 23rd September

(C) 21st June

(D) 21st March



Food SI Question Paper – 2014

59. In India, due to the influence of retreating monsoon, rainfall occurs in the

(A) Coromandel coast

(B) Northern circar coast

(C) Konkan coast

(D) Malabar coast


64. When the high tide is lower and the low tide is higher than at normal time it is called the:

(A) Spring Tide

(B) Neap Tide

(C) Tidal Bore

(D) Syzygy


66. Most impure form of natural water is

(A) River water

(B) Lake water

(C) Sea water

(D) Rain water


69. The highest peak in India is

(A) Kanchenjunga

(B) Mt. Everest

(C) Mt. Godwin Austin (K2)

(D) Nanga Parbat


74. According to 2011, report the district with highest population in India is

(A) Gaya, Bihar

(B) Alwar, Rajasthan

(C) Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

(D) North 24 Parganas, W.B.


75. Which of these countries is not a member of SAARC

(A) Nepal

(B) Bhutan

(C) Pakistan

(D) Myanmar

77. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is located at

(A) Dehradun

(B) Darjeeling

(C) Shimla

(D) Nainital


81. Kathmandu is situated on the bank of river

(A) Kaligandak

(B) Bagmati

(C) Manas

(D) Tista


84. India shares common boundaries with

(A) Nepal, Bhutan, China, Pakistan

(B) Nepal, Bhutan, Iran, Afghanistan

(C) Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iraq

(D) Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran


91. Which of these languages have highest number of speakers in West Bengal?

(A) Urdu

(B) Oriya

(C) Nepali

(D) Santhali


94. The southernmost point of peninsular India that is Kanyakumari is

(A) North of Tropic of Cancer

(B) South of the Equator

(C) South of the Capricorn

(D) North of the Equator


98. The longest river of the Peninsular India is

(A) Narmada

(B) Mahanadi

(C) Godavari

(D) Kaveri

110. Which district of West Bengal has the highest literacy rate?

(A) East Medinipur

(B) North 24 Parganas

(C) Kolkata

(D) Howrah


115. The world famous Ajanta Caves is located in

(A) Orissa

(B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) Kerala

(D) Maharashtra


123. Which of these modes of transport is available in Kolkata among the major cities in India?

(A) Ferry

(B) Metro rail

(C) Horse Carriage

(D) Tram


124. If the plane of the earth’s equator were not inclined to the plane of the earth’s orbit

(A) The year would be longer

(B) The winters would be longer

(C) There would be no change of seasons

(D) The summers would be warmer


127. The nuclear reactor damaged badly in the tsunami which was preceded by an earthquake in Japan is located in

(A) Tokyo

(B) Fukushima

(C) Kyoto

(D) Hiroshima


133. Which is the odd one out?

(North vs South Bengal)

(A) Teesta

(B) Jaldhaka

(C) Ajoy

(D) Mahananda



Food SI Question Paper – 2006

31. India’s longest irrigation canal is

(A) Sharda Canal

(B) Grand Anicut Canal

(C) Hijli Canal

(D) Rajasthan Canal


34. Bhilai Steel Plant located in which state ?

(A) Chhattisgarh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Orissa

(D) Jharkhand


41. One of the ship building yards in West Bengal is

(A) Haldia

(B) Shankarpur

(C) Budge Budge

(D) Garden Reach


75. Subarnarekha River falls into

(A) Bay of Bengal

(B) Koyel River

(C) Damodar River

(D) Mahanadi


82. Highest population density of India is in which state ?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Kerala

(C) Bihar

(D) West Bengal


92. Which of the states do not touch the border of Chhattisgarh ?

(A) Orissa

(B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) West Bengal

(D) Maharashtra


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